Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Window Film For the Travel Trailer (RV)

Some months ago I set out to sew up some pretty curtains for our travel trailer - The Pixie Wagon.  I thought I'd have a few days overlap between moving and I would set up my sewing machine at the empty cabin and stitch those curtains right up.  ROFLMAO.  The universe and best laid plans and God laughs and so on.

I did get the kitchen curtains done, and one panel that was planned to be over the dining table.  If you've been following along, you saw the kitchen curtains a few weeks ago.  But here we are in the trailer with no room anywhere to set up the sewing machine to finish the curtains.  Yes, yes, you guessed it - we've had throws and rugs and towels and sheets over my spekky brand new curtain rods.  *eye roll*

Having given up on being able to sew anything together - and too damn cheap (and po') to pay $20 to $50 for panels that won't really fit right anyway - we started talking about what would be a decent alternative.  Since the Pixie Wagon is an RV we've found ourselves spending a lot of time in automotive and marine sections of the store to find this and that - which inspired me to think of window film like you would put in a cars windows.

Lo and behold, it turns out window film is now available in all kinds of beautiful colors and patterns for residential use - and quite inexpensively, too.  I ordered a roll from Wal-Mart online and spent a couple of hours to do four windows.  I'm really pleased with the result.  We still get lots of light in the windows, but you cannot see in.  You also, sadly, cannot see out so I have to get off my behind and go outside to bird watch and enjoy our pretty scenery, but you can't win them all.  The film is as easy to remove and then reuse or reposition as promised, which pleases me considerably.  Here's a few photos so you can see how they came out.

As I mentioned, I got mine at Wal-mart online (ship to store) but, hey, I'm not an affiliate for them :P  Amazon has a great selection, too.  Here is a link to the selection of window films at Amazon

While I am indulging in shameless plugs, let me give Amazon a big pat on the back for adding the Amazon Prime Music library to our Prime benefits.  It's awesome.  Access to millions of songs for free, plus you can also upload your music library to their cloud and have all your music in one place, make playlists, and play on any computer or Android device with Android 4.0 or above.  I've been going crazy on finding new music and gathering up some old favorites that have escaped me one way and another over the years.  For us, living in out little town without much shopping, Amazon Prime is easily worth it for the free shipping - we buy a lot of things from Amazon.  This is just one more very nice perk.  Amazon mainly plugs Prime for the free videos which I don't use much - but I did just find out they have the whole first season of Defiance - a SyFy series I recently decided I wanted to watch.  Check into it if you like.

That's enough plugging out of me today.  Tomorrow is my birthday - yay, me - and I may indulge in tormenting you with something thoughtful.


Summer Foovay

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