Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Weaver - Blue Dragonfly series book two - is out!

Yep - I managed to make my own deadline and get Book Two of the Blue Dragonfly series out before the free days were up for One Woman + One Kayak = Bliss!

The Weaver will be free starting on June 12th - but I won't be hurt if you can't wait and buy or borrow it today!

Buy The Weaver here

It's only the second day of Tom's summer vacation - and if anything it's looking worse than ever.  He finished the last level of that video game and, since his Mom seemed to be in a good mood, asked for the new expansion.  Things went downhill in a hurry and now here he sits on the front porch again...  wondering if Mr. Odon Ata is home, and if he might be persuaded to buy a boy a game extension.  On his way over, he tears down a spiders web - only find when he arrives that the spider has been there first and is apparently giving Mr. Ata an earful about a certain little boy.  Of course, Mr. Ata has been a spider...


Summer Foovay

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