Friday, June 13, 2014

Surprising Little Guest

We had an amazing little visitor yesterday!  Well, maybe stowaway is a better term - or freeloader.  What do you call the sort of guest who makes himself at home, without telling you about it, but when you find out you're thrilled to see them?

That little fellow to our left is a Mexican Free-Tailed Bat.  Most places around here you can see them flying about at twilight, busy capturing and noshing on our multitudes of flying insects.  Not only do we love them for nasching up the insects - they are fun to watch.  What you may not realize from the photo is they are really tiny - smaller even than swallows.

The Pixie Wagon, as you may recall, has a tongue that hangs out in space so to speak.  Thinking it makes a nice little all weather storage space for things normally stored outside, like my kayak and bicycle, we draped some tarps over the three open sides and have been using it as a place to tuck necessary but not indoor necessary things away.  This includes the bucket with my clothes pins.

I was hanging up laundry yesterday afternoon, and ran out of pins.  I raised the tarp and ducked under for my bucket of clothes pins - and quite disturbed our little visitor.  I didn't even get a good look at him as he dived past my face, straight down and out between my legs!  His tiny wings lightly brushed the inside of each of my calves, as soft and fuzzy as butterfly kisses.  I might have been a bit more excited if I had only a light sundress on, but as luck would have it I was in shorts, so I was free to enjoy the light touch of a fellow creature as he made his escape. Apparently, our tarp draped "outdoor room" seemed like a cozy little cave to him.  I wouldn't mind a bit if he did move in - him and a few of his friends would do wonders for getting rid of the nighttime "no-see-ums" around here.  But we also have a couple of neighborhood outdoor cats who visit us, too, and I wouldn't want them to get hold of the little bats.

Speaking of a welcome no-see-um catcher - I was washing windows today to prepare them for putting on some window film (more on that later) and discovered a tiny, nearly invisible spider has been living right over the head of my bed.  In fact, I couldn't see the spider until I really looked for her - I first found her web over the top of the window because it was FULL of tiny mosquitoes and other pesky no-see-ums that flock around my light when I'm reading at night.  Sadly, I couldn't do my little job unless I tore her web down.  I thanked her profusely for catching the no-see-ums and mosquitos, told her she was welcome to stay, and I tore down much of her web.

Yes, I'm weird.  But, you know, Mr. Odon Ata wouldn't have approved...

The Weaver (Book Two of Blue Dragonfly) is still free - click here.

Now I want to rush ahead to the Bat book in Blue Dragonfly - but I was hopping to do the frogs next... *evil grin* Onlookers watch as Mexican free-tailed bats exiting Bracken Bat Cave (8006836254)

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