Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birthday Gratitude

So - today I am fifty-five years old.  Go-juu-go in Japanese - which I am still learning slow but sure.

There were a lot of people who never thought I'd live this long.  One of my friends has been saving original artworks and poems by me for thirty years now, on the belief I will die young and then she will be rich.  I hope she isn't too disappointed!

There were a few people who hoped I'd never make it this far - and who actively tried to make sure I didn't.  Fuck you, Mom.  Fuck you, Ex-.  Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.  (insert pixie laugh)

I am not actually all that surprised.  Being on the inside of my life I knew I was near indestructible by the time I was ten.  By the time I was twenty I had decided to live to be over 100, because I'm sure it will be interesting.  The first fifty-five years have been full of events and discoveries - DNA, the Internet, digital art, the Kindle.  What's next?  Teleportation?  Maybe instead of retiring to a little island in Japan, I'll retire to Mars!  Besides, there are a few states in the union I haven't been to yet.  (And a few I never want to see again!)

Meanwhile - the sunset above is outside my window every day, and a Ladderback Woodpecker visited me in the tree right over my head during my meditations today.  My DH is making me a birthday cake, and I'm planning on a nice, long bicycle ride later.

I am thankful for my health, and for being in good shape so I can enjoy all the things I love - hiking, biking, kayaking, travel.  I am thankful for this wonderful Internet, and the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing which allows me to write, and share my work and even make a buck or two.  But it is largely through the generosity of my beloved hubby that I am able to relax and write, and draw, and watch anime and all those other things I love to do.

For a pixie, of course, fifty-five years is nothing.  I'm almost an adult now.  We fey folk, however diluted the blood may be, live long lives compared to other humans.

Back when I was dancing and making mega-bucks, I followed the hobbit custom of giving gifts to all my friends on my birthday.  That isn't as easy these days - but if you can, have a little treat today and imagine it is from me :D  Thanks for being my friends.


Summer Foovay


  1. Happy Birthday to you! 55, eh? Just a drop in the bucket of life! Soooo many years to enjoy yet. Have a blessed day, my friend, and thank you for your friendship albeit only of a couple of years. We may not converse, we may not email often, but I think of you, and I follow you through FB and your blog.

    1. TY! I still think of you often, and enjoy the little goodies you send in the email. I try and keep an eye on you, too and send blessings every day.

  2. Happy birthday you youngster! I'm nearly a decade ahead of you and not slowing down yet either. Hope it was all you wanted and then some, and that the woodpecker and his friends drummed out a special tune in your honor. Best, Lee

    1. Thank you thank you older and no doubt wiser woman. :D