Monday, May 26, 2014

The Fox And The Rabbit - and The Contest!

 It's here! The Fox and The Rabbit is live and ready to buy for your Kindle, to read to your kids - or to turn your kids loose on. My first kids book - well, officially anyway. I'm really happy and excited.  I have a lot of faith in this little book - after all, it is a story one of the fey folk told me.

So to add a little incentive to your rush to buy the book, I'm having a little contest.

Counting the cover, there are six illustrations in The Fox and The Rabbit.  All were created digitally, so the "original" is a file on my computer.  This means, so I am told by some art folks, that every digital print is an "original".

The first person to write a review of The Fox And The Rabbit on Amazon, and to email me a link to the live review at sffoovayATgmaildotcom will receive a copy of the digital file that is the cover for you to print out on your very own computer, or just to hug to your chest or share online (please credit it, of course, all my copyright still applies).  The cover is the only full color file - so it's special to be first.

But for the next five of you - again, write a review on Amazon, email me with a link to the live review and I will email you back one of the five black and white illustrations to print out or just snuggle with or show off on your blog, etc. (suitably credited, my coypright still applies).  I feel I must point out that the last person will get this one:

Just so you know - some people would find it amusing, others not so much.  If you want me to sign your prints, we'll figure something out.  The "giclee' " prints made by most printers are not water proof, so it's a bit iffy to mail them unless they are in a spekky waterproof padded envelope of some kind.  What might be better is if I sign them digitally - that is add a bit to the file in my graphics program, in my own handwriting, that says "thanks for the review - Summer" or some such.  We'll figure that out.

Go forth and read my tiny little book.  I'm going to start working on the next one.


Summer Fey Foovay
P.S. Boy, Blogger HATES letting you link to your products. So here once again, I hope, is a link to buy the book on AMazon


  1. hi summer, hope this is a big success.. I cannot find where to buy it?? jackie

    1. If you click on the picture of the cover up there it should take you to the right page on Amazon. Blogger apparently doesn't like it when I put in links to my books :P Or maybe you can copy and paste this: Quick get it while it's free ;) How are you these days? Well, I hope & still playing bridge?


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