Sunday, May 18, 2014

Peeking Out Of My Cave

Over the last few months on my never ending journey of self-growth and improvement, I've had the help of some very wonderful people.  One of them is Christie Marie Sheldon, of "Love or Above" fame, through the Mindvalley website.  While going through her course to remove abundance blocks I started having PTSD nightmares and flashbacks again - guess we know the source of a lot of my blocks, eh?  LOL.

Meanwhile, thanks to Obamacare, I was able to choose my own doctor at last.  I took that opportunity to see a homeopathic medical doctor here in town who has a very good reputation, and she recommended a hypnotist/therapist who works with PTSD patients.  I've begun seeing Kimberly Jewel on a regular basis, and she has been extremely helpful.

Besides plugging those who have helped me with some very sticky problems (after all, I'm 54 and still dealing with childhood abuse issues) I wanted to, well, more or less announce a change in what you will see me publishing.  With their help to push all my preconceptions and blocks out of the way, I'm able now to allow myself (with the generous help of the hubby's support) to write what I always really wanted to write.

Kids and YA books about nature and animals and fantasy.  Yes, I am venturing out of my dark cave of angst and anger and sex for a glimpse of the sky and dandelions and fairies.  Well, the fairies have always been hanging around but now I'm writing what they tell me to.

I'm not totally ready to spread my wings, I guess.  You'll first see a number of kids books and novels on the Kindle.  But I also hope to find a self publishing to print books outlet that will suit me to create coloring and activity books as sort of companions.  I'd really like to find a way, or learn how, to create more or less activity books for the Kindle Fire - wouldn't that be cool?  

Next week - if all goes well and we don't have another bout of stomach flu (EWW) - I will be publishing the first kids book.  It's a story one of the fey folk told me about a fox who falls in love with a rabbit.  It's so sweet, it'll make all your teeth rot.  Hope you can cope ;)



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  1. That is wonderful news about your personal growth and the new direction you are taking!
    Believe me, you are not the only one dealing (or choosing not to deal) with childhood issues. I am just not brave enough to be able to tell a stranger about them. My sincere wish for you is to become the person you always wanted to be and discover the happiness and freedom from angst that you deserve.


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