Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet the Pixie Wagon

This March I got an opportunity to grab a "as is" "fixer upper" 1975 27 foot (or so) Sundowner travel trailer.  Owning my own RV has been a lifelong dream, and at the price I couldn't resist snapping this baby up.  The former owner was crazier than me (not all the unusual here), and I'm not sure if she was really that out of this world or if she was simply untruthful - but then when you buy "as is" and "fixer-upper" you more or less expect to pull shit like this out from under the sink - where it was supposedly "all brand new plumbing".

Um...right.  Thank the Goddess, I have a secret weapon.  My adorable husband, whose nickname is Tinker.  I learned early in our relationship that I could hand him something that wasn't working.  He says "I have no idea how this works."  And a few hours or days later he hands it back to me, working perfectly - if not better than new - and says "I have no idea what I did but it works now".

Which is why the plumbing under the sink looks like this now:
And it doesn't leak.  Which is more than I can say for the water in the bathroom.  And the toilet.  It's a work in progress.  We can only do so much at at time on our income.

It has been a bit of an adjustment as we moved in from the cabin.  The cabin was smaller in square footage, but the trailer (now dubbed the Pixie Wagon) is arranged quite a bit differently.  They also seem to have set it up for normal people.  You know, people who don't have a months worth of dialysis supplies to store at a time, and who value computers over TV or anything else.  So there's been some rearranging done, and I'm not sure it's all done yet, but we're IN.  I'm not sure if you want to be bored with all the photos I took today - especially given that I may be inflicting them on you again later on as we get this or that or the other set up more to our liking.  Here's a favorite;

I made the curtains new just for the Pixie Wagon.  I love these cute little stainless steel sinks.  The last few years I've been living one place or another with stained porcelain (plastic) sinks that I could NOT get to look clean.  In fact, the refrigerator and stove at the cabin couldn't be brought to anything resembling a clean look either - so look at my cutsey pie little kitchen now!
Stainless steel stove top and oven front, and the refrigerator is nice and clean inside and out (well, now it is) and IT LOOKS IT.  Yes, I confess, I am a clean freak.  The papers up on the cabinet doors are Japanese phrases - I practice my Japanese while I do dishes.  LOL.  Over to the left you'll see our fishes, Apollo and Jackie.  They are on top of a bookshelf which is sitting on what used to be a bench.  We pulled out the wobbly dining room table altogther, stood a set of shelves on one bench and are using the rest of the space to store dialysis supplies.  It's just right.

This is what was probably meant as a little living room that is quite full with a table with his and hers computers.  No, you are not the first person to say our house looks like a kids room.  It is a kids room.  :D We are the kids.  I'm not living anywhere I can't have my plushies (in the hammock) with me.

Here's the first panel of the homemade curtains for the dining room that wound up over here because the sun shines through this window in the afternoon.  I had plans (and fabric and all) to make all our curtains before we got here, but - eh - the best laid plans.  This is really a photo of those two little plastic things on the floor.  We spent $15 or so on them yesterday and they made me ecstatically happy.  Small things make me happy.  I got to poor out those three fabric bags of "stuff" that came out of my big desk drawers and organize them.  Yes, now I can put my hand on a pencil, or a paper clip, or a nail file if I need one.  (Insert deep sigh of satisfaction here).  Yeah, the couch is U.G.L.Y. I was planning on cushion covers, but we have concluded a futon mattress would fit here quite nicely.

Beware - there's an alligator in the bedroom!  Of course there is.  It's hard to get a good pic of the bedroom, but here ya go.  See that square of light on the bed?  It's from the sky light.  We LOVE the skylight - which is also a vent.  Sweet breeze, plenty of light, and the whole thing is a marvelous perch from which to watch the birdies.  Pearl would have loved it so much.  Just what she always wanted.

From the outside, the Pixie Wagon isn't much to see - YET.

Still messy from the move and we will not discuss the paint job.  Or the stairs.  Lookie the pretty cranes - hows that?  Oh, and see the bit of sky blue on the stripe by the door?  The outside of the front door is all that color.  I actually have all sorts of artsy fartsy insane creative ideas for painting the outside *evil cackle*

But one of the coolest things is the location.  Not only are we away from the bad bit of neighbors (YAY) we are directly across the street from the Rio Grande, and surrounded by trees.  This particular tree I call my blessing tree.  Every morning I walk outside with my coffee and sit on the porch and within a few minutes the blessing tree shows me something wonderful.  One morning it was full of goldfinches.  One morning a curved bill thrush sang from the top.  One morning a Western Kingbird swooped and dived around and around catching insects.

It's only a rented lot - but we love it.  Once the Pixie Wagon has some more work done on it - first boring stuff like a new toilet and resealing the roof, and fun stuff like painting inside and out, we'll test out those wheels and take her someplace even more awe inspiring.  Solar power is in her future, too, of course.

So, there she is - my dream home. I'll keep you posted on her progress.



  1. Summer,
    I love it! And I envy you. I would absolutely LOVE to have a space of my own. You guys deserve no less, and while it may be tricky at first to find places for everything, there is a way to organize your home and have it quite spacious. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks. We love little spaces thank goodness, so it suits us well. You know me, I'll be happier once I feel organized, but it is definately getting better.

  2. Looks like lots of opportunities for his fix-it skills and your creativity. Have fun!

    1. Thanks. This is true. Even as we speak he's outside fixing up a window screen that lets the mosquitos in at me at night when I'm under the reading light. Mostly it'll be his fixit for awhile - but look out when I can afford some paint...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks :D And let me point out it is on wheels... I can be that annoying family that shows up with their RV and visits for a MONTH *evil cackle*


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