Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tipping Points

Could this one extra book written and pubished in February be my "tipping point"?  I meditate, and I've been listening to Christie Marie Sheldon's Unlimited Abundance and every time I turn around this book kept coming up at me.

"He Wants To Swing" was always on the top of the list of articles I felt would expand beautifully into a small how-to type of book, but it needed far more rewriting and expansion and re-organizing than the stories.  It is the article, the book, the big sister I wish I had thirty years ago when my first husband decided he wanted to have an open marriage.  It is less about the practicalities of meeting people to swing with and making arrangements and more about "what is he thinking?" and "what am I thinking" and "what is going to happen to us".

That question, request or thought - "let's try an open marriage" can become the tipping point of a relationship.  It can be the point at which you and your partner reach a deeper, more honest, more meaningful relationship - or it can be the beginning of the end.

Not that I am a relationship counselor by any means, but I've lived a full life - swinging - and gone through a lot of things and talked to people who have been through all variety of experiences so I do think I have a bit of wisdom to share on this subject. Been there, done that, got the g-string and now I've written the book.  It is free for the next few days on Amazon.  I believe it is important enough and useful enough I let it skip over the queue and put it up free as soon as I could.

I expect it to have a much wider appeal than the little sex stories or the other sex how-to books I have up right now.  Will it be the tipping point for me?  The book that puts me past one or two sales a day into Kindle millionaire territory?  Well, my subconscious seems to think it could...

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