Saturday, March 22, 2014

But MY protagonists are whores...

I'm reading a pretty good book (but a wee disappointing) by a best selling well known mystery (romance) author.

There are two strong, intelligent, vital women protagonists who have excellent jobs with various law enforcement agencies in it.

There is one rather mysterious man who is a good guy or bad guy depending on how you look at vigilantes.

Now the mystery man has moved to town, bought a house, bought a car, and started dating his real estate agent in the period of two days.  She dates him for a few days - sleeping with him on the first date and planning her life with him by the third, and then is killed (by someone else).

At her funeral, he chats again with the #2 woman protagonist who is investigating the real estate womans death.  He takes her to dinner, she sleeps with him, five days later (most of which is spent on the crime, having dinner with him - he cooks - or in his bed) he tells her that he has plenty of money, and they could move to anywhere she would like to live and she can work or not as she wishes.  She agrees to do this as soon as she wraps up this crime.

The #1 protagonist is "on vacation".  She is nearly raped the second day and goes to the ER where she meets an attractive doctor.  The next day - after a near rape - she goes to dinner with him.  Two days later she goes to bed with him.  Five days later he more or less lives with her, applies to work at her agency, gets the job (in one day - as if any law agency hires someone in a day), and she informs him he can live with her in her other home when she returns to work.

So, in less than a week, these couples have met, dined, had sex, and planned their entire future to be together, including ditching excellent jobs, picking up and moving across country to places where they have no friends or family - all for someone they met a week ago and exchanged CVs and dinner with.


Slut that I am I dated my first husband a year before I married him.  I dated my second husband more than a year before I married him.  Having dinner once, sleeping with a man after the second dinner out, and then planning your life with him in one week?  Maybe if you are a helpless, poor woman with no education and half a dozen children desperate to hitch your wagon to any passing engine.  (Which is how charming wife abusers manage to get married so easily).  But for an intelligent, educated, childless single woman with a great career to jump in bed (yeah, that actually doesn't bother me at all) and then whammo we are a couple and I'll quit my job and move to another state - fuck this great life I have here you are a man who fucked me well for a week woohooo let me drop everything for you?  Yeah, I have a problem with the idea that THIS is acceptable and believable - but my protagonists are stupid whores.

Apparently the difference is if you jump in bed with him and five days later are planning to spend your whole life with him, you are a correct woman.  If you jump in bed with him, say "wow that was fun we should do it again some time" and then continue on with your own great life, you are a whore.

Damn.  Glad I'm a whore.  The world needs more whores.

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