Thursday, February 27, 2014

Twelve New Erotica Sex Story Books in One Month

My personal goal for this month was to drag three little sex story books out of the Works In Progress closet per week and publish them on Kindle.  Believe it or not - I actually met that goal!  Early!  Plus a bonus book I submitted today.  I are proud of me!

By and large these are short erotica sex stories that once lived on a blog (~ ten years ago) or were written for that agent but I hold copyright.  This means you MAY have seen them before if you followed my old sex blogs, or if you ever joined a sex paysite that had some of my fiction on it.  However, almost all of them have had some rewriting and expansion done to make them more suitable for Kindle.  Some of them have already had their five free days, but as usual there will be at least one of my sex stories free at all times and most of these will rotate through in the next month or so.

A number of them belong either to the Joey; A Bisexual Woman series, or the Mistress Beka series - but as always you don't have to read them all or read them in any particular order for them to make sense.

Here's the complete list in case you are crazy enough to want to read them all (or some):

The New Girl (Joey; A Bisexual Woman) I know I blogged earlier about the "Silent" series and it does have to be read in order - and it has never been published before. I haven't entirely decided what I will be publishing next month. There will be four new sex stories like these - and one full length book. Maybe two. Depends on how long it takes me to get them from WIP to something I'd show the world ;) Those will most likely be "mainstream" and possibly even YA. Again, depends on which ones I decide to work on. All told, I'm now up to almost 40 books on the Kindle!

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