Saturday, February 15, 2014

Interesting Women and Sex

As an additional thought to my last post about my "interesting" life -

Interesting women, and Sex.

There are some examples of "interesting" women in modern literature, media, movies and so on.  Some women who are allowed to be bad asses, adventurers, explorers, and so on.  But list off a few and think about it and you will notice something.

They are as chaste as Athena the warrior goddess.  They may have had one true love who probably got killed early on and this is why they are a bad ass.  There can be a little or a lot of romantic sizzle with various heros, but it's almost never consummated.  If it is, the adventurers retire and make babies - which is a bad thing if you were counting on making money on sequels.

The only other scenario is set in a fantasy world containing all sorts of convoluted reasons why the heroine is forced into sex against her will with a plethora of incredibly sexy vampires, werewolves, or fey of all varieties - always against her will and only because if she doesn't fuck 'em the world will somehow end.  Or it's a mercy fuck.  But heaven forbid it be fucking for fun.

Because you good girls don't do that.  If the heroine did that, then she couldn't be a "good" girl anymore - she'd have to be a "bad" girl and fight for evil.

Good girls don't have adventures.  And if they do, well, then they don't fuck.

What are you, hobbits?

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