Friday, February 14, 2014

An ..."Interesting"... Life

You have certainly had ...  an "Interesting"...  life.

I have had comments like this and variations of it on any group I'm a member of, in review of my books and stories, blog comments, even on Facebook posts I have made.

What is "interesting" to me is that it is worthy of such a comment.  It seems to imply a judgment of values.  In some cases, it is a polite way of calling me a cheap white trash whore.  At the very best it seems to imply that I am worthy of some censure or suspicion based on how I have lived my life.  Having more than one home, or even living in a tent, having more than one lover, lovers of more than one sex, having been a sex worker, having been abused as a child and being open about it, even traveling seems to make me a bit suspicious, particularly to women.

I believe that this is an example of women judging women as somehow "unacceptable" for living a life that, if I were a man, would be considered acceptable.  Might even, in fact, make me more desirable.

For example, do you think John Steinbeck was told he had an interesting life in quite the same way?  Hemmingway?  Jim Kjelgaard? Jack London?  Steig Larsson?  Ian Flemming?

Not that I am on their level - on either writing or adventurousness - which only makes me think how much more censure would I be in for if I were.  Its even possible that women who were adventurous on that level probably found their books shunned and unpublished back in "the old days" before we could choose what we wanted to publish (thank you Amazon, again, for KDP).

I'd also like to throw out to you - who more or less sneer at me (however politely you may do so) that the real problem is not that I am doing things unacceptable for a woman - but that you are afraid to do these things even though you really do want to.  So in order to justify your own cowardice - you put me down as unacceptable for actually doing what you wish you could do.

And you wonder why most of my future work will be under pen names...

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