Thursday, February 27, 2014

Twelve New Erotica Sex Story Books in One Month

My personal goal for this month was to drag three little sex story books out of the Works In Progress closet per week and publish them on Kindle.  Believe it or not - I actually met that goal!  Early!  Plus a bonus book I submitted today.  I are proud of me!

By and large these are short erotica sex stories that once lived on a blog (~ ten years ago) or were written for that agent but I hold copyright.  This means you MAY have seen them before if you followed my old sex blogs, or if you ever joined a sex paysite that had some of my fiction on it.  However, almost all of them have had some rewriting and expansion done to make them more suitable for Kindle.  Some of them have already had their five free days, but as usual there will be at least one of my sex stories free at all times and most of these will rotate through in the next month or so.

A number of them belong either to the Joey; A Bisexual Woman series, or the Mistress Beka series - but as always you don't have to read them all or read them in any particular order for them to make sense.

Here's the complete list in case you are crazy enough to want to read them all (or some):

The New Girl (Joey; A Bisexual Woman) I know I blogged earlier about the "Silent" series and it does have to be read in order - and it has never been published before. I haven't entirely decided what I will be publishing next month. There will be four new sex stories like these - and one full length book. Maybe two. Depends on how long it takes me to get them from WIP to something I'd show the world ;) Those will most likely be "mainstream" and possibly even YA. Again, depends on which ones I decide to work on. All told, I'm now up to almost 40 books on the Kindle!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Interesting Women and Sex

As an additional thought to my last post about my "interesting" life -

Interesting women, and Sex.

There are some examples of "interesting" women in modern literature, media, movies and so on.  Some women who are allowed to be bad asses, adventurers, explorers, and so on.  But list off a few and think about it and you will notice something.

They are as chaste as Athena the warrior goddess.  They may have had one true love who probably got killed early on and this is why they are a bad ass.  There can be a little or a lot of romantic sizzle with various heros, but it's almost never consummated.  If it is, the adventurers retire and make babies - which is a bad thing if you were counting on making money on sequels.

The only other scenario is set in a fantasy world containing all sorts of convoluted reasons why the heroine is forced into sex against her will with a plethora of incredibly sexy vampires, werewolves, or fey of all varieties - always against her will and only because if she doesn't fuck 'em the world will somehow end.  Or it's a mercy fuck.  But heaven forbid it be fucking for fun.

Because you good girls don't do that.  If the heroine did that, then she couldn't be a "good" girl anymore - she'd have to be a "bad" girl and fight for evil.

Good girls don't have adventures.  And if they do, well, then they don't fuck.

What are you, hobbits?

Friday, February 14, 2014

An ..."Interesting"... Life

You have certainly had ...  an "Interesting"...  life.

I have had comments like this and variations of it on any group I'm a member of, in review of my books and stories, blog comments, even on Facebook posts I have made.

What is "interesting" to me is that it is worthy of such a comment.  It seems to imply a judgment of values.  In some cases, it is a polite way of calling me a cheap white trash whore.  At the very best it seems to imply that I am worthy of some censure or suspicion based on how I have lived my life.  Having more than one home, or even living in a tent, having more than one lover, lovers of more than one sex, having been a sex worker, having been abused as a child and being open about it, even traveling seems to make me a bit suspicious, particularly to women.

I believe that this is an example of women judging women as somehow "unacceptable" for living a life that, if I were a man, would be considered acceptable.  Might even, in fact, make me more desirable.

For example, do you think John Steinbeck was told he had an interesting life in quite the same way?  Hemmingway?  Jim Kjelgaard? Jack London?  Steig Larsson?  Ian Flemming?

Not that I am on their level - on either writing or adventurousness - which only makes me think how much more censure would I be in for if I were.  Its even possible that women who were adventurous on that level probably found their books shunned and unpublished back in "the old days" before we could choose what we wanted to publish (thank you Amazon, again, for KDP).

I'd also like to throw out to you - who more or less sneer at me (however politely you may do so) that the real problem is not that I am doing things unacceptable for a woman - but that you are afraid to do these things even though you really do want to.  So in order to justify your own cowardice - you put me down as unacceptable for actually doing what you wish you could do.

And you wonder why most of my future work will be under pen names...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Sex Thriller Book That Almost Didn't Get Published Is Out

Over a decade ago, a terrible dream woke me and insisted I write it down immediately.  Half asleep I typed it out and fell back into bed.  When I read it in the morning, I admit my own reaction was a mixture of "ooo" and "eww".  The mix of violence and sex was tantalizing and disgusting all at once.  I set it aside.  For a few months.  Edited it a little.  Set it aside again.

And was awakened in the middle of the night again, when the protagonists prodded me with some more of their fascinating but horrific story.  Typed it out, went back to bed.  Read it in the morning, shuddered, and ignored it some more.

Because as much as I thought this was some of my most intense, best writing ever, I also thought (at that time) that I'd never get it published mainstream and if I put it up on the Internet I'd get arrested.  This was back when I was pushing p0rn, and Bush was slapping grandma and grandpa in jail for selling sex tapes online (yes, it happened).  The new super strict regulations had just come out about what U.S.A. p0rn pushers could put on line (this is why all the p0rn you see now is from Russia - they can put anything on line) and mixing violence with sex was a real good way to end up in jail.

I showed the story to several people and all of them thought it was great but...  too much violence, gore, and sex.  So it languished.  Waiting for it's proper time and place for publication.

Some time later I went back and wrote a third episode, an ending to wrap things up.  It's sad.  It's depressing.

So it sat around some more.

And then I started publishing on the Kindle.  Yipeeee.  This January I made a point of going through all my millions of bits and pieces and CDs and floppy disks and old doc files and gathering all my multitude of works in progress into a single folder on this computer to be finished.  My big project this year is to muddle through all 140 or so files and either finish and publish them or toss 'em.  This month I'm more or less ripping through a lot of old sex short stories, publishing them under Petit Morte because hey, it's quick and easy and they are little money makers.  I am discovering that the BDSM, Dominatrix, and lesbian stories don't sell nearly as well as the naughty wife stories - so I'm going to have to write some new naughty wife stories (none left in the morgue).

And I hit this old novelette.  That was part of the problem all along, the whole story comes to about 20,000 words altogether.  Too much for a blog, too long for a short story collection, not enough for print, and too dark altogether.  But as it happens, I created this new pen name, Petit Noir, to handle all my darker dreams.  I knew I was gonna need her.

(Note to future readers; Summer Foovay = Sunshine, kayaking, birds, okay a little sex sometimes,  Petit Noir=dark, sex, violence, dystopia, Petit Morte=sex, sex, sex, but mostly sunny positive happy sex)

I decided to put the story of Silent out in three books.  If you can't stomach the first, don't bother with the rest.  The first book - The Angel Touches Silent - is currently free, and the 2nd (Silent Speaks)and 3rd (The Fairy Princess) are 99 cents each.  Since you really need to read #1 to understand #2, and #3, I don't intend to run them through a free cycle at all.

Okay, it's out there.  Nowadays, it isn't even that shocking given the paranormal sex books being set on the shelf at WalMart - except that there's nothing paranormal about them.  You might have to accept that real human beings have dark desires (gasp) - maybe even including you.

And it is lesbian.  Boy, is it lesbian.  I can so see this happening.  There are reasons, as a bisexual, that I opted out of lesbian relationships a long time ago.  Not saying that there aren't beautiful, loving, positive lesbian relationships - in fact, they are certainly the norm just like they are the norm for straight relationships.  But -

the darkness is there.

Now I'm going to go enjoy a couple days visiting out in the country, and come back and pick something a lot happier to finish, edit, and publish!

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