Monday, December 29, 2014

Day Nine Progress Report

The last few days have been pretty difficult with the depression.  That said, I have made some progress.

Fitness - Probably the best news is that according to MapMyRide, I actually worked out six days of seven last week.  Wow.  And I didn't even realize it.  Since my actual goal was 3 of 7 - and my plan was to start on Jan 1st - I feel pretty kick ass!

Anime/J-drama - done
Read & Review - done

Facetious Game Goals - I think it is a combination of a FishWorld issues and our own Internet slowness issues (which is beyond my control), which lost me most of two days push for level 100.  At this point, I believe it may simply be mathematically impossible.  So I don't think I'll make it, but I can legitimately point to causes beyond my control.  As for Horse Planet, it isn't done, but I think it may be doable yet.  Coming at it from a different direction right now.

13 Books in 13 Days - The most important goal is the one that has stalled out completely, due to a combination of petty interruptions and personal depression.  There are personal reasons I can't discuss that this has become nearly impossible - but I am not giving up.  Again, coming at it from a different direction.  I may not have all 13 finished by the 3rd as planned, but I will finish - and publish -  13 new sex story books by the end of January at the very latest.

Meanwhile, there are still six of my sex books free on the Kindle for a couple more days.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

About those reviews

Among my goals to be finished with by the end of the year, were three books to review.

Well, that's done.  I'd rather post no review at all, than a negative one, unless it's so horrible that I think people should be warned before they spend their money.

I have two points to make here.

One.  There are a lot of "publishers" out there these days who "accept" a book for publication, telling the author it is absolutely wonderful.  With a minimum of editing - I'm guessing they MIGHT have run spellcheck in Word on it -  the "publisher" slaps the book up on Kindle and/or other ebook sites (charging the author a few hundred, or even thousand dollars for a conversion that can be made automatically in minutes using Amazon software) and then start pumping the publicity machine.  If the book does not sell, they blame the author.  It is also extremely likely that they TELL the author that no sales are being made and pocket all of the money from whatever is sold.

I can say this, because I had more or less the same thing happen to me with a print publisher.

I'm basing this on the lack of actual editing.  If these three books had any editing done to them, it was by someone who does not speak English and who most certainly does not have a grasp of the written language.  Had I been the editor, I would have sent them back for huge amounts of rewriting. As a reader, if I'm so confused by the second page, that I reread the first page to try and figure out if the protagonists eyes are oipened or closed, and why guards would grab him without first disarming him, and so on - I give up and set the book aside.  So many books - GOOD books - so little time.  Which is too bad because it might BE a good book - or at least have the potential to be a good book - if someone had actually done some editing.

Which brings me to my second point.  I am right now laughing at myself.  Because the reason many of my books, finished novels, are not published is because I am still editing them.  And editing them.  And editing them.  Rewriting, rechecking, double checking again for continuity, then checking again.  No single run of spell check for me.  I polish these poor things until I've ground them to powder.  Which probably isn't such a good thing.  There has to be a happy medium.  But I can't afford editing - and I certainly cannot afford to pay a "professional" editor who would leave a book in the kind of shape these three I tried to read today are in.

No reviews - because I don't blame this on the writers.  I blame it on the editors and publishers for putting out something like this and calling it done.  If you are a Kindle indie writer and you do your own editing...  I almost said some of this would be excusable.  But if I really believed that I wouldn't still be editing, and editing, and editing...


But the good thing is - goal "Read & Review" is done.


Day 7 Progress Report

I've made progress, although it isn't the progress I really had in mind.  However, I still give myself a pat on the back, because I did a task I've been putting off for a very long time.  My pen name, Petit Morte, now has her own TwitterFacebook, and Blogger accounts, along with a newletter you can opt into from her blog and of course - she's had her own Author's Page on Amazon for a little while now.  So if you are following along hoping I'll drop a link to my hot sex stories and books - grab these links and friend and follow and so on.  I'll keep knocking you on the head with them for a few more months and then I'll drop it so the sex story people and the rest of you can sort of sort yourselves out.

Meanwhile, did you get a Kindle for Christmas?  Great - because I've got six of my most popular sex stories and one sexy how to book FREE for you until the first of the year!

Yeah, did that, too.

I finished the Jdrama/anime marathon in time, too.  Got on the bike yesterday - but the tablet croaked so I didn't get credit on the MapMyRide workout challenge.  That sucks, because it was really cold and horrible to ride!  LOL.  It's even colder today and no, I'm not going out there for anything.  I'm going to put a big pot of beans on the stove in a little while and that and writing is going to be my big tasks for the day.  Unless I decided to fluff off and go work on the FW and Horse Planet goals instead ;) but I really do need to do some writing since I'm still at 2 1/3 stories for the 13 in 13 goal - LOL.  I was distracted yesterday by someone who wanted to visit and pour wine.  Yes, I can be distracted by a drink...and good conversation.  So while I didn't do any writing - having set up Petit Morte as her own "person" online is progress - because that is part of what I have been putting off.  Now I can add new back matter that will allow readers to find their preferred method of following Petit Morte so they can (and will, I hope) buy new books as they come out.  Slowly but surely, the old books will also be updated with the new back matter, and new more sexy and sizzling covers.

So let's see - 13 books in 13 days - um, 2 1/3 but some of the necessary editing/publishing details have been done.
Fitness Challenge - not bad actually.  Who knows, I may actually get on the bike later today but right now, much too cold.
Anime/JDrama marathon - done!  I am really glad I made the effort for Akuma-chan, or My Little Nightmare.  It was funny, sweet, and surprisingly profound in the long run.  I enjoyed streaming it at Crunchyroll but I'm not sure I'd go so far as to purchase the series or the movie at Amazon as those are running close to $100 and I'm not THAT crazy about it. It did get me to upgrade my membership to include JDrama again - which will also give me the chance to watch a couple of JDramas I kind of wanted to see, but not bad enough to endure commercials - LOL.   Encouragement of Climb the first season was cute and okay, but again, I wouldn't run out and buy it.  I'm not even sure the second season is going to be all that high on my to be watched list.  Pupa  was, well my overall impression was it was weird.  It had some obvious plot holes and overall seemed like a bit of a poor excuse for brother/sister not quite incest sex but...  she eats him - nuff said.
Reading/Reviewing - yeah, I'm getting to that now.
Facetious goals - I was all set to make a big push on FW and blew it totally by being out of the house half the day, and then finding the game running way too slow the rest of the day.  Not sure catching up is even possible, but I'll probably try.  Planet Horse - um - yeah, after I get some writing done today I'll probably work on that one, too!

Overall - I do believe I'll get the reading/reviewing done.  I am beginning to doubt I can catch up on the 13 books in 13 days, but if I don't I'll continue to write until I do have 13 new Petit Morte books because - yeah, I need to.  It might push off the start of the reworking of the kids books, but that's okay.  My publisher is cool with that ;) I'm pretty happy with how I'm doing on the Fitness Challenge, beings as how my actual goal was set to start after the first of the year.  Got the anime marathon done.  Not sure it's mathematically possible to hit the Fish World goal, and the Planet Horse goal is secondary to writing, really.  For me, for midwinter, well I give myself a big pat on the back for getting up in the morning LOL.  So yeah, not bad.

Hope you are having a great holiday season.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day Four - Progress Report

I am a little bit behind o the 13 books in 13 days writing project.  I had a bad day (Seasonal Affect Disorder will do that to you this time of year) and some unexpected company of the doggie form that actually was the highlight of an otherwise rather bad day.  Rather than work on catching up last night - I watched my JDrama.  Three episodes left to finish before Crunchyroll loses the license on Dec. 31st - which I will most likely sit and watch tonight and that will be one of my tasks to finish before years end finished.  If I have to set aside the writing for a day, well, having my own personal deadline I can be more flexible if I must.

That said, I do have 2 1/3 stories done, and outline for the rest of the 3rd story and one to follow all in that new Cougar sex series.  These are running about 5000 words each, which is well within goal.  The older sex story books are all around 1000 - 2000 words because the stories were originally written for blogs which had a more restrictive word count.  I'm enjoying getting to stretch out a bit.

 The first two sex story books are edited.  I still have to create new front and back matter and covers.  I had hoped to create covers for these with my specky new Poser program that I still have not figured out how to use.  Well, there's almost a week left and it's to be expected that it would be a few days after the first before all 13 are published.  Right?  As far as front and back matter, the stock ends I've been using need a serious update and it's a real PITA so I'm being a whiner about it.  Procrastination is me.

Meanwhile, I also signed up for a fitness challenge at MapMyFitness Workout Games which goes along well enough with my personal goals starting the first of the year to keep me honest and going on them.  I forced myself out on the bike today even though it was 40 degrees, which I personally consider much too cold - LOL.

That worked out well because I wound up at Rotary Park doing a little birdwatching.  With any luck the video may have come out, but I'm not counting on it - I'll see it here in a few minutes.  I was rather excited to see a Killdeer in the shallows, and slightly surprised to see the Black Phoebe is still hunting right above the little waterfall.  Mind you, I'm too well aware that we haven't had a solid freeze to kill the insects.  (We still have a nest of wasps under the trailer).  There were also American Widgeon, Shoveler, and Teal ducks - along with some ol' Coots and one young Cormorant fishing in the shallow water.  Which brings me to share another point.

One of my goals for next year is to finally bring back Bird Watchers Notebook - the Rio Grande version.  I've made a couple of stabs at it, but haven't been able to blog often enough.  Out of the habit, I think.  So my goal is at least 3 days of 7 to blog (which kind of goes with 3 days of 7 to get in a workout).  One reason (besides the fact I miss it) that I'm doing this is because starting around February I will be doing the serious editing and illustrating to get the old Bird Watchers Notebook crafted into a Kindle book, especially now that Amazon has given us software to assist in creating illustrated books.  If I get really froggy, I am thinking about creating a set of Anki flashcards of the birds mentioned in the book, and if I get REALLY froggy, perhaps a companion coloring book.  We'll see how frisky I am in February. Oh yes, and I may set it up so you can subscribe to the blog from your Kindle.

Why February - because in January I am going to be editing and publishing the 13 for one thing - but also will pull my kids books down to add illustrations and republish using the new software.

The reading and reviewing are put off until the JDrama marathon is finished.  I did, however, finish Redemption Song by Derick Parsons for something fun on that bad day.  The link will take you to the review on Amazon, and I will say I'll be looking forward to the rest of the series.

I have had a couple of publishers/authors write me asking if I would copy/paste reviews in other sites than Amazon.  The deal with that is; last I heard, and it may have changed, but Google frowns on duplicate content.  So, if I have a few minutes, what I will do is rewrite the reviews so they are not identical and post them, but I'm not sure how much help an exact copy/paste would be if it made Google not like you...  maybe I am wrong?  Maybe I'm an overachiever?  LOL

Under really facetious goals - I'd like to get my beginner horse on Planet Horse to gold medals in all events.  I'm beginning to think this may not be possible - the beginner horses may simply not have enough talent.  And for my Fishworld pals ;) I think it would be really cool if I could make level 100 by the end of the year.  I'm not even sure if that is possible, but I'm gonna give it a try.

So, here we are and if I'm going to make any more progress I probably ought to be working on at least one of those things, eh?

Have a Merry Xmas if you're into that 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day Two - Book Two

Oh yes, I did in fact complete a fine almost 5000 word tome of hot crazy cougar sex yesterday.  It needs editing, front and back matter and a cover before publication.  I was actually hoping to get that done today too (the day is not over) and then tomorrow I will hopefully have link for you to purchase the first of thirteen in thirteen.  But I am taking a break - having finished the second hot sexy book in as many days with another marathon of just over 5000 words.

All this and handwashing, and dinner made too - tada - I'm wonder woman!  LOL.

I'm even making inroads on the anime marathon.  One last show to finish before Crunchyroll loses the license for it the first of the year.  Then I'll see about these three (fortunately smallish) books I am supposed to have read and reviewed by the end of the year.

Meanwhile - what an awesome Winter Solstice.  From here on things will only get better and better as my friend the sunshine returns.  Hope you are having a good holiday.


Summer Foovay

Friday, December 19, 2014

Thirteen days - Thirteen books

I have thirteen days, starting tomorrow, with nothing else to do, no place to be, no one to fuck with me and I give fuckall about Xmas so - in the next thirteen days I plan to write, edit and publish thirteen new sex story books.  I may even finally manage to learn how to use my new Poser or Anime Studio and get some kids books out, too.

Kids books?  And sex stories?  Get over it.  Where do you think kids come from?

Separate pen names, of course.

Tonight, I eat chocolate cookies and marathon anime.  Tomorrow the marathon begins...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

About that special new Amazon "update" (malware download) for the Fire

I wanted the Washington Post removed - here is the transcript of the chat with the EIGHT (and couunting) transfers:

You are now connected to Amazon from
Me:The new Kindle Fire update sucks
Amazon:Welcome to Kindle Chat . I'm Sahishna. I'll be happy to assist you today.
Me:I do not want the Washington Post - I certainly do not want it to always be the first icon
I uninstalled it
apparently you forced it back on me
Is this MY device, or YOURS?
I do not want this ES thing
I certainly do not want it as my first or second icon - I can never find the apps I use or the book I am reading because you keep forcing things on me that I do not want
At this rate, I'll want a refund on the Fire and you can have it back
I am quite capable of deciding what I want on my device, and what is most important to me to use
Amazon:A member of our Amazon Appstore team will need to help you with this. Please hold while I transfer you. One of our Amazon Appstore Specialists will assist you shortly.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Sravya from
Me:And I see that Mayday no longer works - must be getting lots of complaints about where did this unknown app come from and how can I get rid of it, eh?
What an awful update
It isn't an update or upgrade - it was a malware download straight from Amazon
Me:Maybe what I need to do is write a review on the Fire on your website and let people know that you will be deciding from now on what apps they want and what apps will be their first and second icons
and that we can't uninstall them
Sravya:Could you please be on hold while I transfer to kindle team
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Michelle from
Michelle:Hi Summer, my name Michelle.
Me:Hi Michelle, who are you going to transfer me to?
Michelle:I'm sorry that you've been transferred multiple times. No worries, I'll not transfer you to any one.
If I have got you correctly your Kindle fire doesn't have a Mayday button after the software of your Kindle has been updated, is that correct?
Me:This new update is not an update at all - it is a direct install of malware from Amazon
I do not want the Washington Post.
I removed it - you shoved it back on
It does not need to be the first icon since I DO NOT WANT IT.
I do not what this ES thing whatever it is.
I do not need it as the first or second icon
Michelle:I'm sorry what do you mean?
Me:I can no longer FIND the apps I actually use because they are buried under a half dozen thing you "gifted" me in this update
I want this Washington Post REMOVED permanently
I wnat the ES thing removed permanently
I want control of my device returned to me
I want to be able to find the apps I use frequently
Michelle:I'm sorry about this. Let me check for possible option that I can do for you.
Me:Not have them buried under three dozen things you forced on me
And by the way, no, Mayday does not work
Michelle:Are you referring to device "Giles"?
The one I am about to pack up and return to you since apparently it is YOUR device, not MINE
I've posted a one star review
And will be sure I let everyone I know in on who the new Fire REALLY belongs to
Michelle:Let's try to troubleshoot your Kindle to fix this Summer.
Do you have it with you right now?
Michelle:May I ask if you're physically located in US right now?
Are you one of those idiots who doesn't realize that NEW Mexico is in the US
Michelle:I've confirmed that your Kindle should have a mayday button.
Let's try a factory reset of your tablet, which can solve intermittent problems.
Because a factory reset will remove any content you've downloaded to your tablet, make sure to back up your personal content to your computer first. You'll be able to download your Amazon purchases from the Cloud after registering the tablet again.
Any in-app items may be lost during a factory reset. Please check with the app developer for more details on their in-app policies before completing a factory reset. If you have parental controls enabled on your tablet prior to the factory reset, you will need to turn them back on once the device is re-registered.
To reset your Fire Tablet:
1. Swipe down from the top of the screen, and then tap Settings.
2. Tap Device Options, and then tap Reset to Factory Defaults.
Me: oh no
do not
do NOT reset
just get this damn Washington post off it
and this ES whatever it is
I uninstalled and they just come back
I'm not going to spend two days trying to get my apps back, losing my history, everything
Michelle:Since you can't find your apps, I need to transfer you to appstore department. Please stay connected.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Sami from
Sami:Hello, my name is Sami. I'm sorry about this. I'll be glad to help you.
Me:Is ther any way to get rid of your malware?
Amazon forced the Washington Post on me, I want it gone
I want this ES whatever it is gone
Sami:May I have your permission to place the chat on hold while I review your chat with Sahishna.
Me:I want to be able to find the apps I BOUGHT that I INSTALLED that I USE
I'm sick of having nothing I want on the opening screen. I have to go to apps and DIG down to find the ones I want
Before this "update" I was fine
Sami:I understand that you are having trouble with finding the apps on the carousel .
Let me connect you to the appropriate team to assist you with this.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Swetha from
Swetha: Hello, my name is Swetha. I'll be glad to help you today.
Me:Hi there Swatha, you are my sixth transfer
I guess that answers my question right there
Swetha:I'm sorry for these multiple transfers.
Me:There is no way to remove these apps you forced on me with the latest update
just be honest and admit that you are going to force them on me
and I'll be honest in my one star review
Swetha:Please give me a moment while I review your previous conversation.
Me:and decide who to foist me on next, eh?
and I suppose if I allow a factory reset - I'll end up with NOTHING BUT the damn Washington Post
none of my history, none of my apps, none of my history
I get it
This is YOUR device, not mine
Amazon will now decide what I will see
so, does that make you Big Sister?
Swetha:In this case, A member of our App Store team will be the perfect person to help you with this. Let me connect you to a member of our App Store team. It will only take a moment.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Yousuf from
Yousuf:Hello, my name is Yousuf. I'm sorry about this. I'll be glad to help you.
Please be on hold I'll just transfer your chat to the appropriated team.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Amazon from
Amazon:Welcome to Kindle Chat . I'm Sahishna. I'll be happy to assist you today.
A member of our Amazon Appstore team will need to help you with this. Please hold while I transfer you. One of our Amazon Appstore Specialists will assist you shortly.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Mahesh from
Mahesh: Hello, my name is Mahesh. I'll be glad to help you today.
Me:seven transfers, twice to the same department
Mahesh: May I please place you on hold for 1-2 minutes while I look in to this for you?
Mahesh:I am seeing the multiple transfers and I understand how inconvenient it is.
I'm really sorry about the inconvenience Summer.
Me:No, I get it, I WILL have Washington Post and this other malware your forced on me.
Rest assured I will purchase a different tablet, and get rid of the Fire - which apparently belongs to Amazon, no matter what I might think
I would like a refund for the Fire and for all of my apps purchased in the app store
Mahesh: A member of our Kindle specialist team will be the perfect person to help you with this. Let me connect you to a member of our specialist team. It will only take a moment.
Me:All because I do not want the Washington Post
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Amazon from
Amazon:Welcome to Kindle Chat . I'm Sahishna. I'll be happy to assist you today.
Me:In the good old days we called this the run around
well, Sashina, how nice, I think I've already talked to you at least three times
Amazon:I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And It's Offical

This novel is horrible.  I no longer wish to waste time on it that I could be spending teaching myself Japanese, or to use these two new graphic programs I bought last month and haven't found time to learn yet.  I have other projects that are more important to me - like (yes Dee) finishing the other 100 WIP floating around this computer - most of which are much better than this piece of crap.  Like revamping the three small childrens books I want to make into that new nifty Kindle picture book format - not to mention the adult book where I want to do the same to share my drawings of birds.

The novel's premise is solid, but this - just write write write - has sent me astray on tangents that are clearly going to have to be deleted completely, and will cause considerable rewriting (my least favorite thing in the world) to have to be done.  It will most likely end up on a far, far, far back burner and when I do revisit it - be started over completely rather than trying to salvage any of the actual writing that has been done.  But I really could have spent that four hours yesterday working on something that would SELL.  Sorry - but living below poverty level tends to make you very aware of that sort of thing.

It hasn't been a total waste of time.  I've proven to myself that I'm still best at marathon writing days cranking out 4000 words or so (which would BE a novel in the sex story universe - something that would sit there and dribble money into my bank account for years to come).  I've reminded some people that I am a writer, and that I actually do have to have TIME to write - it doesn't just appear magically.  Learned I need to discipline myself better and not disappear down the rabbit hole of games and videos.  So there have been some lessons learned.  Or perhaps, reminded myself of is more like it.

I got to donate this year - thanks to Amazon's nice fat KOLL/KU payment for a couple of months ago - so that's fun.  And it was fun to write about something other than whose sexual organ is how big and going where - although that is all people will buy.  At this point - it will be a relief to go back to something that easy!  LOL!

So thanks to the one or two people who supported me, and best of luck to all the folks who are still grinding away - may your novels all become best sellers!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Nanowrimo 2014 Day 17


1,000 words - one Pocky
2,000 words - two Pocky(s?)
3,000 words - two Pocky's and a MexiCoke
wow, that went fast
4,000 words - two more Pockys

She was NOT crazy.  No no no no…

And then she tripped over the huge pink snake.

Ice cream? Half way to parr...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts from my morning meditation.  That equally randomly I thought I would post today.

It is November 16.  The high today is supposed to be 50, and we are expecting snow tomorrow - and there are three white butterflies dancing around my back yard right now.

I really need to find someone to edit my YA books - someone who works for cheap or free!  - and a support group of a few friends to push me to work on my children's picture books.  I am currently dealing with some seasonal depression that has taken as it's cause the fact that my mainstream books sell nothing - while those old sex books I don't pay any attention to perk happily along making a certain amount of money for me every month without a bit of effort on my part.

Why is it that I feel like I don't want to write sex books?  I mean, I think it's the - I want to be respected for my mind, not just my sexy body - sorta thing.  That said, maybe I need to wrap my mind around - this is my gift, to have had a sex life not many can boast of, and to share it.  I kinda get tired of having a million things about me I'd like to share and all anyone wants to hear about is what its like to be bisexual or be in a nice, working poly relationship or long term open marriage.  Look, I'm not really interested in how often you have sex with your husband and in what position, how come you think you can ask about my sex life?

It never ceases to amaze me - it really does - that people like me. That I am popular - online.  I mean, I bet there aren't three people who went to school with me who even remember I exist.  Or care.  I said this out loud, and the hubby reminded me that I was a very successful, popular, well liked exotic dancer.  In my tiny little world of the time, I was sort of a star.  Well, it astounded me then and it still does.  I don't think it is being humble, so much as having been raised by someone who told me endlessly how stupid, ugly, and worthless I was and that if people "really" knew me they would hate me.  Something deep inside me still believes all that (and probably always will) and finds it endlessly surprising that people like me.

I have a family of choice. It's that time of year again.  When we are endlessly bombarded with the pretend happy nuclear family message, generally coupled with the message that you could have this if you spend enough money on Christmas presents.  That makes people like myself, who had horrible abusive evil cruel families who found the holidays a great time to get the whole family together for a guilt and hatred celebration (last time my mothers whole brood was together, she poisoned us.  I still have my doubts has to how "accidental" it really was - the real accident was probably that any of us survived), well, that makes us feel even more horrible than anything "family" related usually does.  It's no wonder Christmas is the time of the most suicides.  I am SO glad I don't spend the holidays with my blood relations.

Anyhow - that wasn't my point.  My point is I got to thinking that I actually have a better family than any big, wonderful extended (and blood related) family - because I have a family of choice.  I have dear friends who chose to share their lives with me - not from any obligation but because they simply love me and I love them and we feel like we are family.  And it doesn't cost a dime, by the way.  No one is counting up what they got last year and calculating what they'll spend this year.  I doubt anyone is feeling obligated to do anything they don't want to do.  Our celebrations are a long way from traditional, but we have them.

I've been trying for two days to "man-up" and get back to my Nano novel in spite of the fact I've suddenly decided I hate it, hate everyone in it (except maybe the monster and the kitten), and it's a total waste of my time.  You know I realized this morning it is easier for me to "man-up" to go feed and water horses in 40 degree below zero wind chill, than to sit down and stare at that novel and try to choke out another 30,000 words?

Okay, I may now be veering into procrastination...


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nanowrimo 2014 Day 12

Not quite as good a day as I had hoped for - since I had planned to marathon all day.  I did what I am so bad about doing - started researching so I could figure out just what this illness is that my antagonist is suffering from and got reading....

But all in all, not bad.  And I did figure out what he has.  Word total is now 20,659 not counting a couple hundred in a second document that is the bad guys back story.  3194 for the day, which brings me a bit over par.  The stats say I'll finish on the 30th if I can keep this up.

Oh - and the kitten has a name - Merida.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nanowrimo 2014 Day 8

Today was DoubleUpDay for Nanowrimo 2014.  Your donations were doubled up if you made one today and everyone was encouraged to double their word count - either the daily par or overall.  Since I didn't get much done yesterday, I thought I'd shoot for doubling my total word count.  Started with a little over 10,000 and now have 17, 465.  Didn't quite make it to a total doubling - but I did thoroughly beat the daily parr.  The website calculator thingie says if I keep it up at this rate I'll be done the 23rd.  I am beginning to suspect that this is going to be one of the novels that is not actually finished at 50K.

I thought I had the whole thing more or less plotted in my head as far as the big curve, and a good many of the smaller turning point scenes.  Since then one of my characters has headed off on his own dark tangent.  I mean, he was the bad guy, but he's gone worse!  And this tiny tortoiseshell kitten has shown up and inserted herself.  I'm not sure what she is going to do yet, but she seems to be quite confident she belongs so I'm gonna roll with that.

Meanwhiile my husband, boy genius and tinker extrodinaire, has taken his birthday present of tools and gone crazy.  We can actually take a hot shower now.  It isn't done, but it is functional.  Wheee - hot showers!  That's way better than 7000 words!  He's my hero :D


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nanowrimo Day 5 - In which we learn more about our Protagonist and finally meet the enemy

I'm more than satisfied with the 2362 words written today.  I'm even more satisfied with myself for overcoming a small hurdle.  That of having an overall story arc - the "bad guy" that has to be defeated has finally shown himself and his evil plan.  Well, part of it, anyway.  Enough to go on with.  And from out of nowhere a lottery winner has inserted himself into the story.  A bolt from the blue that could upset all sorts of things.  I named that video game that Glory (our protagonist) is obsessed with, and w learned a bit more about her over all.  Yes, yes I am pleased.  *chuckle* and I am suitably ahead of things so that losing all or most of a day to clinics is not going to be a big deal at all.  I may actually sit down and write on things some more late tonight - it's pretty much in my head now so you know how that goes.  It gets banging on the bars and screaming to be let out.

See, I've been good.  So let me just remind you again that I am fundraising for Nanowrimo this year - hint, hint, hint.

Like last years story, this is turning into great fun to write.  However unsuccessful they may be in sales, I at least have a blast with the YA books.  I can't truthfully say that about sales, come to think of it, as none of them has reached the point of publication yet - LOL.  Sigh.  Editing.  Groan.  And I am having a great time in Locoweed, New Mexico.  *evil cackle*

See ya there!

Chapter Headings:
Chapter One - In Which Glory Meets A Monster
Chapter Two - In Which Glory Meets A Witch
Chapter Three - In Which Glory gets some  Very Surprising News
Chapter Four - In Which Glory meets Godsmatch

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nanwrimo Day 4

As expected, I got nothing at all written on the novel yesterday.  Today I sat down and knocked out 1661 words to bring it to a new total of 7244.  My average per day is a little ahead of goal - but actually I had hoped to write more like 2000 today.  I know I will most likely lose one more entire day this week when we have to go to the hubby's routine clinic appointment.  If I'm a little ahead, it won't put me behind.

I introduced our protagonist - now named Morning Glory Strong, and the monster - One, to a witch - who loaned Glory the Encyclopedia of Yokai to peruse.  Now I'm off to browse the forms for a bit and seek inspiration.  Who shall I introduce her to next?  Hmmmmm


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nanowrimo Day 2

I've been very good today.  I can surely write off watching a couple of anime with the husband as inspiration - since I claim the novel is somewhat anime inspired.  The novel is now up to 5623 words, meaning I added 3073 words today, and I'm probably barely halfway through the second chapter.  Oh yes, I've also added actual chapter titles and headings.  If you are as old as I am, you may recall books that had chapter titles like this "Chapter one - in which our protagonist meets his antagonist".  The novel seemed to be lending itself to exactly that kind of treatment, and since part of the idea is to keep it episodic (and thus hopefully interesting) while also having an overall arc/plot I am going along with the flow.

I can't brag too much, however, since I am well aware of the fact that very little, if any, writing will be done tomorrow.  By the time I return on Tuesday I will probably be only very slightly ahead of the word count goal and it will be back to the grind.

Most years I throw all my Kindle published books on free this month to sort of celebrate Nano - but this year I've been doing pretty good at keeping at least one book free on every day and that has resulted in many of them not being eligible.  On top of that, I want to do some very big updates on all the sex books and sex stories.  The childrens books are in for a complete redo now that Amazon has finally created software to create picture books (yay).

If you have a problem with the fact that I write both sex books, and childrens books - I bet you also believe your mother found you under a cabbage leaf.  Get real.  

So I actually am not wanting to do any big promotions on what is already out there at the moment.  Moving On - which was my second successful Nanowrimo novel - is not eligible for free days right now - but you can read it on your Kindle for free if you have Amazon Prime or the new Kindle Unlimited.  The link is here.  
The first one - well, of course, it is lingering in the works in progress folder, along with at least three other Nano novels.  Last years Nano novel is pretty close to being finished.  The names must be changed to protect the guilty.  And I will have to check continuity - since it is set in Locoweed, New Mexico - as is this years work.  In fact, the first Nano novel is under consideration for radical rewrite to set it in Locoweed as well.

Welcome to my world.

(said the spider to the fly)


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nanowrimo Day 1

I freely admit that most years I don't start my Nanowrimo novel until November 4th.  Between Samhain and my hubby's BD on November 3rd, I am frequently much too busy to sit down and write.  I also know I am well capable of cranking out about 1000 words per hour if I am in rough draft just slap them words down mode so I'm never all that worried.  I also have to admit that I am really good at starting stories - just look at these 100+ works in progress - my problem is in finishing and then (even worse) getting them edited and in publishable form.

But since I have the first eleven days of November basically free this year - outside of the 3rd's BD celebration - I fully intended to get started on the novel.  I've got a few notes, a really basic outline, some vague ideas, and felt like I could find the time easily.  That said, I then proceeded to procrastinate until almost 5 pm!  Then admitted I was procrastinating (but the wash was done, the dishes were done, and I had worked a few minutes at the Turk after all) and sat down to watch that cursor blink-blink-blink on the blank page.

2550 words later I am actually pretty happy with the first chapter.  I introduce my heroine, and got her chased by a monster that no one else could see.

So, I pat myself on the back.  I blog.  I remind you who may be following me that I am fundraising (Donate to here) and now I'm off to get back to my regularly scheduled evening.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's Nanowrimo time again!

Yes, it is National Novel in November time again! And yes, I will be participating again.

I almost did not.  Here I was with an actual story idea (for once), even a title (gasp) and at the last minute I hesitated.  I ran onto an old file titled "goals for 2014".  My main goal was to drag those 140 WIP into the daylight and get them published.  And while I made a lot of progress on that front - I've been bogged down for several months by various distractions and demands on my time.  Maybe I ought to spend November finishing the editing on a former Nano novel, rather than adding a new member to the WIP pile.

In the end, I discussed it with the husband, and he rather strongly supported the idea of leaping into Nanowrimo yet again.  He pointed out that I enjoy it (I do), and it gives my writing a real shot in the arm (it does), and it gives me the courage for one whole month to say - "NO, I need to be getting some writing done".  And then events conspired to give me the first eleven days of November almost entirely free of other obligations.  I can hardly ignore that, eh?

So I am off to Nanowrimo again.  My user name is Webitchtress.  Oddly enough they show me participating only 3 years - which I know is incorrect.  I have more than three Nano-novels to show for it.  Weird.  Anyhow - see you there!

Summer Foovay

Monday, October 20, 2014

Crayfish Wars

Stray bits of animal behaviour fascinate me.  Hubby says I'm weird.  But I took this video on the childrens fishing pond in Ralph Edwards park a couple of weeks ago of some crayfish having a battle royal over a burrow in the muddy bank.  This is just one burrow - there were many of them spaced a few feet apart up the muddy bank, and a hot contest going on over all on who was going to get which burrow.

I took a long video of Harry taking me for a nice drag through Monticello, NM that is probably only really interesting to me.  You do see the little town, the church, a few cattle and wildflowers, and lots of Harry tail wagging.  The thing is - it took almost an hour to upload this little video to YouTube so the Harry does Monticello video - in 3 parts because I had to stop and referee a dog meetup, pull a thorn from his paw, and referee another dog meeting - is liable to take all day long - or all night long.  Still, if anyone really wants to see it - comment below - and I'll set it up to upload maybe overnight.

I have some photos to share, too.  Tomorrow maybe.  You see, I have a long list of chores to take care of here in the cave...



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sounding the retreat

I have a good life.  I don’t have a lot materially, although I have most of what I want and all of what I need.  I don’t have a big, loving family like some people – but there are also times when I’m not sure that is a blessing.  Most of all, I try to put out nothing but positive, happy energy and emotions.

To some people that is a threat, some even take it as offensive, and to the worst of people it is a screaming red light signaling “VICTIM”.  Those people, at least, I’ve learned to handle (spin to face them, growl, and then run like hell).  The people who view it as a threat, or offensive, give me a great sense of dismay.  Being me, I tend to look at myself and think – what have I done?

Well, the fact is, I haven’t done anything wrong.  For once it isn’t all about me.  sorry all you LoA and New Agers – but sometimes it is the other person, the outside situation, and not simply a reflection of my inner self – but a picture of theirs.. 

What I have done wrong is misjudge someone.  Because I did not learn social skills growing up, this is all too common for me.  Distinguishing people who are troubled, who like to stir up drama,  who aren’t actively EVIL but who aren’t all that good either is a lot more difficult (especially for me) than recognizing the signs of  psychopaths and abusers.

Sometimes the best thing I can do – for myself – is to withdraw to my little Cancerian shell.  Write, draw, play in my own little corner.

I’m a nice person.  It’s pretty easy to suck me into something that seems fun, a situation where it seems like I can contribute, a relationship that appears to be friendly.  But I am not equipped to play people games.  Never learned them.  They make me nuts – seriously. The longer I play, the harder I try to be myself and do right, the worse it seems to get.

It is Autumn.  The season of turning within.  Of changing from the outward, outside, outdoors activities, to crafts and creation and meditiation, dreams, and visions.  From social, to solitude. 

So, with all due respect to others and nothing but good feelings to you all – I’m going back to my cave now.  For my sake, for the sake of those closest to me, and for the sake of the rest of you as well. 

Mind you, this may look odd from here.  While I am in my cave, it is not unusual for artwork and written pages to be tossed out of the entrance now and then. Depending on how you know me, it may appear that I am more active than usual, rather than less.  Just sayin.


 Summer Foovay

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lies and more Lies in Truth or Consequences, NM - oh the irony

I am sick of my little town.

I am sick of going to Walmart and seeing a sign on every other bicycle that says "Layaway - all toys (including bikes) eligible".  Then you wheel the bike to customer service and get told "wait over there" while they take care of four other people.  Then they assign another person to help you who rolls her eyes, sighs, turns her back on you and replaces the roll of tape in the register.  Finally scans the bike label.  Has to ask for help.  That person knows nothing, so they ask another person for help.  We are told we have to have the particular label that was on the bike.  We go back and find there are no labels for this bike on the pads on the layaway kiosk - just lots and lots of signs on all the bikes about the general layaway terms.  Signs stating all toys (bikes) are eligible.  Only one bike has a pad of labels.  We walk back to the front and only now are told - oh, ONLY that ONE bike is eligible for layaway.  There goes an hour of my life. Walmart - this is false advertising. Oh yeah, you can do anything you want, I forgot.  Walmart can lie.

I am sick of going to Dollar General on Date street, finishing my shopping, and then standing with another customer - who had a baby with her - at the register.  There is no one at the register.  There are three employees standing in the aisle a few feet away studiously ignoring us.  One of them is berating the other two about "acting in a professional manner".  Apparently, this does not include waiting on customers who are ready to SPEND SOME MONEY at the register.  We wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Another employee walks up right next to us and stocks the candy.  She glances at us then at the other employees and says "They'll be right with you" and walks off.  The other employees eventually finish their conversation.  Glance at the two customers still standing at the register.  Then all three of them TURN AROUND AND WALK AWAY TOWARDS THE BACK OF THE STORE.

Very professional.  Yes, I am so impressed. Tell your employees to act professional, then turn around and lead the way in the rush to get away from a customer.  Lie much?

I went to pay my rent yesterday and got berated myself for the garbage in front of my lot.  There is no garbage in front of my lot.  I was told I am responsible for the entire area, all the way to the street (apparently including the city easement).  Fine, but there is no garbage there.  Well, a neighbor complained.  Well, I don't know why, because there is no garbage there, and has been no garbage there - other than the legally approved dumpster that is out there from Tuesday 10 pm or so to whenever they pick it up Wednesday.  Well, says the landlord, you must have moved it.  I did not move the garbage BECAUSE THERE WAS NEVER ANY GARBAGE THERE.  Are you complaining about my dumpster being where the City says my dumpster has to be for less than twelve hours once a week?  Really?  Or did you just make something up because you don't like my a)religion, b)dark skinned friends, c)I have no idea what.

FYI neighbor, I am now photographing the front area of my lot every single day with a date and time stamp.  Lie on me again.  And the next time you have a loud party that lasts until 2 am, or your drunk pal staggers to my front door looking for you, or your dog barks all night, or your drunk pal bangs on your door and argues with you on the porch at 2 am, or you start mowing your goddamn lawn at 7 am - I am calling the police.  And if there is another lie about me you will find yourself in court and I will have proof that it is a lie.  You are so much better than I am?  Good - you can afford the lawyer, the court costs, and the settlement.

For my fellow citizens comfort - I never planned to live here full time.  Because of someone else who lied to me, I have been stuck here longer than I ever expected or wanted.  Trust me, as soon as I can get out of this nasty little town, I'll be gone.

And then I'll write about you.


Summer Foovay

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Merry Mabon to all!

I hope you are having a lovely Mabon today, and that your harvest this year is abundant and full of blessings.  I know mine certainly has been.

We spend Mabon having an amazing harvest thanksgiving feast, and making a list of all our of blessings we are thankful for this year.  It generally starts slow and then grows and grows and grows until I've filled several pages of one of my many notebooks.

One thing I am very excited about and thankful for is the new Amazon support for childrens books on the Kindle.  At last I can really illustrate a book.  So, of course, the first thing that occurs to me is the Bird Watchers Notebook which I've been piddling with, thinking it would almost have to go into print to share not only the entries, but all the artwork.  Now I think I can truly create it the way I want to.  It will probably be an all winter long project as I gather old artwork and create some new to be part of it.  All of my first three childrens books will be redone as well, including some fairly major rewrites.  Mostly likely, in the end, they will come out under pen names.

I am also thinking about some tiny little illustrated books, one about each Pagan holiday - the quarters and cross-quarters.  I have so much research that I did for the old I am Pagan website, along with many illustrations done for the greeting cards at Zazzle - and it might even boost those sales a little.

Mainly, a few days ago my meditation tossed out exactly what I need to make my priorities for this winter's writing.  Expect to see the YA Tanuki, Kitsune & Coyote book finished, as well as the much darker Noir SciFi/Fantasy rewrite of Snow White which was also a Nano that hit 50K and clearly wasn't even halfway done.

I also have a guilty secret; a book that began as a sex story written on commission, that haunted me until I continued on with that character.  I reached a certain point and couldn't get one scene to work no matter what I did.  I set it aside.  Now I have the ending, and it is going to be a completely lurid, over the top, barf worthy paranormal romance.  What can I say?  They insisted - the characters.  So it's getting a front to back rewrite, and believe me, it's coming out under a pen name - ROFL.

Speaking of Nano (I was a few minutes ago) an idea appeared to me for this years that will be, I think, every bit as much fun as the Tanuki was for last year - and yes, it is partially anime inspired, partially Harry Potter inspired.  The plan is for it to be fun and exciting and magical...

Reading a great book on the Kindle, that the author asked me to review, has also inspired me to revisit Hunters and tackle that mass of notes and ideas and characters.  We'll see how far I get on the other work.

And, of course, here and there I'll crank out a few more sex stories for kicks.  They don't take long, and they sell consistently.

I've been doing a little origami - and giving it away.  One of these days I'll figure out some way to be able to create these little paper models, enjoy them, and then place them in good homes.  Maybe even for a buck or two I can spend on more origami paper.

This week we plan to go through the clothes before we switch from summer to winter wear, and then while we are at it, tackle the storage space.  That's pretty scary as we just piled stuff in as we moved and then haven't gotten back to it since.  I have this idea I'm going to pare it down and maybe even move into a smaller storage space.  After all, I have a Kindle fire full of books again - why am I hanging onto all those TBRs in storage?  And how many of the books I keep because I love them, can also be purchased for the Kindle - where they will take up a whole lot less room!

But today - it is eat, drink, and be merry.


Summer Foovay

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Spanking The Carp

File:Reed-vermillion-flycatcher.pngI had a nice long paddle down the Rio Grande today in the little yellow boat I call Dandelion.  Before I was even in the water, we had a new life bird - a Vermilion Flycatcher, like the fellow in the painting above.  Now that's a great way to start the day!

I believe they must have shut the water flow off at the dam, or cut it back considerably, as the river has fallen at least a foot or so.  The rafters no longer seem to be using the river, and that meant I had it all to myself.  Peace and quiet and plenty of it.  Enough current so that I didn't have to paddle if I didn't want to, which is nice.  The water was cool and green.  It's been pretty muddy a few days this last week, with all the monsoon rain.  It's so wonderful to get the rain though.  Maybe this winter we'll even get some snow!

At the breakwaters, I tried something new with Dandelion, whom we also refer to as the "tippy canoe".  I have not been going that far up because she has a tendency to do a dolphin imitation, that ends with a considerable amount of water on the inside of the boat.  There was less water today - so much so that I could see (and easily avoid) some rocks in the breakwaters.  Instead of paddling hard for the center, I let her almost float, only sculling enough to keep her nose pointed the right way, and I leaned as far back in the cockpit as I could.  Both times only a small amount of water came sloshing in over her nose, so I think maybe I've discovered the "trick" to it.  Yes, I need a skirt.  I need a lot of things - LOL.

A whilte belted ringtail dragonfly joined me a couple of times - hitchhiking on the nose of the little boat.  They really seem to like her for some reason.  One even perched for a time on the edge of my paddle as I rested, and then stayed even while I sculled to steer - but when she sensed the roar of the breakwaters, she decided I would have to go that alone.

A flock of barn swallows whirled over the boat near the Rio Grande bridge, and a few accompanied me all the way down.  The boat tailed grackles were evident, and I heard a sizable murder of ravens in a tree behind me although I was never able to get an eye on them.  One cormorant bobbed along ahead of me for a bit before deciding he didn't like the company.

As I came to calmer, and narrower waters, several times I put in the paddle to touch something soft and yeilding.  Was it the muddy bottom?  The next stroke I set the paddle straight in to reach down and find the bottom - nope.  Then it happened again, and the carp - for such it was - shot up to the surface behind me and let me know he did not appreciate being... paddled.  The water was too green to see them, and I'm afraid I "paddled" a few more - although I was trying to be careful and gentle.

A Belted Kingfisher flew straight across the river in front of me, and a vulture wheeled lazily circles high above.  I saw a couple of sandpipers, one flying and one walking along the bank pecking the mud.  I wasn't close enough to see them well in either case, but judging by their tiny size I would take Spotted Sandpiper as a guess, but don't mark that down on your calendar or anything.  I only saw two Great Blue Herons today.  One flew away without a word or a squawk.  I apologized to the second for disturbing him - he had been so still that I don't think either of us noticed the other until I was gliding by ten feet away from him.  He rose, circled, and let out a squeak - a high pitched baby bird sort of sound I've never heard a Great Blue make before.  Normally they sound as you might imagine a pterodactyl might have - a loud, harsh squawk.

When I got to Rotary Park, where I often stop my ride, the hubby was there on top of the bank to let me know the low water dam was still down, so I could go through and further down if I wished.  We decided that would be great, and he departed to hop in the car and go on down a ways.  As I swung around the rivers bend I heard another Heron saying some terrible things in bird speak and thought the husband must have spooked him up.  Sure enough, there was the hubby just ahead of me - laughing at a very disturbed Little Green Heron.  Seems we were using his fishing hole as a pick up point.

I bet the fishing was pretty good - lots of minnows and the hubby spotted the first crawdad I've ever seen in the Rio Grande!  I even tried to catch him, but I've lost the touch in the last thirty years or so!

A bunch of friends old and new have contacted me because I turned Goodreads loose on my gmail contacts.  I haven't used that membership in ages - but my MIL bought me a new Kindle Fire!!  As I set it up, it more or less insisted I give it access to my Goodreads account, and I figured, why not?  It's nice to hear from old friends, too - so that was an unexpected benefit!  Right now I have a huge stack of library books I am working my way through - but I swear they are my last.  I finally have a Kindle again and I can borrow all kinds of wonderful things with my Prime membership.And already friends are pouring in the recommendations. Life is good!

I can also finally see my new books, with illustrations, on a Kindle and see how they look.  I suspect there are edits in the future :P

The rest of the week is going to be very busy.


Summer Foovay

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kickstarter Application = SPAM SPAM SPAM

So about a month ago I had a brilliant idea that I thought I would start a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for.

I still think it is a brilliant idea, but I've long since given up Kickstarter as a really bad deal.

To add insult to injury - some fuckwad raised $35,000 to make a $5 bowl of potato salad.

Guess that ought to tell us all something about who Kickstarter is really for.

After getting my Amazon Payments account blocked - which I depend on for those tiny $5 to $20 payments from the Mechanical Turk that buys us groceries most of the month - they continue to claim they cannot verify my identity.  I have offered everything reasonable and a few things ridiculous and now Kickstarter claims it is because Amazon won't verify my identity.

Amazon, at least, apologized to me after suspending my account, when they looked at their history of sending orders to my home, and my P. O. Box, and payments to my bank account, and getting payments from my bank account, credit card, and Amazon Payments account.  So Amazon seems pretty sure I am human, and me.  Gee, thanks so much.

But Kickstarter says it is Amazon's fault.

Anyway, the last straw is that I now recieve about 40 to 50 SPAM emails on a daily basis, offering me loans, credit cards, content entries, and so on.  Now...I have only started one new account this month.  Kickstarter.

It is clear to me that Kickstarter sells the emails they collect to SPAMMERS.

So, I'd like to share that fact with you.

In case you had a dream you want crushed - and then want to deal with deleting 40 to 60 SPAM emails a day up to and including that prince that wants to send you a few million.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 27

What a month this has been for real life happenings.  And in spite of all of it - today I managed to reach and very slightly surpass my overall goal for camp of writing/editing 60,000 words.  Counting the rewrite/first edit which has brought the novel to a total of 53,232 words plus 8309 words that have passed second edit brings me to 61,561 words altogether.  As I knew already, there are some chapters to add yet as well as some addendum for the uninitiated about what Kitsune, Tanuki and my own made-up Coyote spirit are.

Along the way my twisted little mind has made a connection between this novel - A Tanuki, Kitsune, and Coyote Walk Into A Bar - and the next of my old novels that needs a rewrite - The Chronicles of SpazKat - which will bring them together and into a third novel that should be a complete flush of insanity.  But fun.

So while my word goal is reached, the novel is still not yet ready for publication.  It will be soon though.

Meanwhile, out in the real world among all the other drama this month, I've gotten a J-O-B.  Many of you know that I have had a number of cleaning jobs (as in cleaning  buildings, apartments, hotel rooms, houses) and I've said for a long time that with my husbands needs I wish I could find one or two nice houses that need cleaning a few times a month to make some spare cash, but still have the flexibility to do what we need to do for him.  Well, the Universe does work in wonderous ways, and I have been hired to clean one truly beautiful house once a week.  The cleaning pixie rides again!

Odd as it sounds, I will actually come out with more time to write and draw, rather than less.  This is because I will make considerably more money in far less time cleaning than I earn on the Mechanical Turk, which has been my source of a little side income.  Don't get me wrong - I've been very thankful for the income from the Turk.  But now I can spend all day writing several days a week - and one day working, rather than about half a day writing, about half a day (or more) at the Turk as I have been and I will be earning about twice as much.

This will also be nice as we can catch up and pay off some bills, and get more work done at a faster pace on the Pixie Wagon.  YAY!

I'm also changing my personal schedule a bit.  I plan to write most of the day on Sunday - when I have very few distractions or other duties.  Monday will now become my "no electronics" day to relax with a book, origami, jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, art and so on.  Tuesday will still be White Tornado Day when I clean house and consider anything else I manage to accomplish "extra credit"  LOL.  There will still be days spent on various medical schtuff, and one day working.  Yeah, I'm a little secretive because I really don't feel the need to publicize what days there might not be anyone home at the trailer.  Actually - there's almost always at least one of us here anyway.

And I'll feel a lot less guilty after a few hours on the river - since I won't be thinking I could have spent them making a couple bucks at the Turk :D

Hope everyone else is doing great on their CampNano projects.


Summer Foovay

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 19

Well, I edited/wrote less than my goal for today - which was 30K - but according to the Camp figures I am ahead of my goal for the month - so I'll take that and be satisfied.  My current total is 44062.

Since keeping track wasn't enough of a pain already - I started the second edit on the beginning.  What can I say - my muse wanted to add some notes before the book begins about Tanuki, Kitsune, and the Coyote and, mostly, Locoweed - the small New Mexico town where it is all set.  Long as I was at the beginning I started re-reading and noticed a few more things that needed to be fixed for continuity with later events as rewritten.  I did that for about 8000 words, got close enough to where I am to be a little bored and skipped ahead to work on the first edit, adding/editing another 4503 words ahead there.  Hopefully, I won't confuse myself half to death.  I'll admit it, it may take until the end of the month to get this completed.

As Dee suggested, I only worked half the day.  This morning was so nice I took the kayak out on the river.  I went a few miles further down than I usually do, because there were some other kayakers in a party ahead of me.  I had someone to follow into new and unexplored (to me) territory, so I took advantage of it.  Luckily, my clever husband had stopped at our usual take out point and seen the other kayakers.  He stood on the bank and pointed down river, I nodded and waved the same direction, and he got in the car and met me at a lower point we had talked about using before.  The other kayakers went past that point - but I wasn't sure where they were going to get out - or how to tell hubby how to get there to come get me, so I called it good.

Hey - I'm at "camp" - I get to kayak, right?  LOL.

I was so hot and sweaty when I got home, I decided it was a good day to put the mohawk in and be nice and cool the rest of the summer.  Ahhhh...feels great.

It's sure going to seem weird to even turn the computer on tomorrow, and I know I am not about to finish and be able to publish Monday.  I may wait and see how I feel.  The three days I know I won't get anything done next week are going to be taken up with very much not fun stuff having to do with nurses and clinics and scrubbing and - eh.  A nice quiet day with a good book is tempting...


Summer Foovay

Friday, July 18, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 18

Slightly less than 6000 words today - a little disappointing.  We took off for an hour to get out of the house and went to the library.  Hey - reading is important for a writer, right?  Yeah, right!  And I got a book about the reintroduction of wolves - which is even relevant to the Tanuki, Kitsune and Coyote book.  If you are wondering'll have to read it.  I mostly edited today, wrote some dialog, changed yet another business name to avoid lawsuits :-P.  I skimmed ahead and discovered I actually do have some new scenes and events that are yet to actually be written so the book is going to probably end up gaining a few thousand words at least.  I still hope I can get it finished and published by Monday.  I generally take Saturdays off and play games and watch anime all day, and then take Sunday off of anything electronic at all.  I spend the day drawing, coloring, doing jigsaw puzzles, reading, and often a special sort of outdoor trip to a new hiking spot or something.  Because I'm losing so many work days this month to other bullshit - and I did get my little mini four day vacation last weekend at the ranch - I think I'll end up working this weekend.

Ta -

Summer Foovay

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 17

You thought I'd given up, didn't you?  Not at all.  As I believe I mentioned, this month has a lot of doctor, clinic, and other appointments scheduled that are going to keep me occupied.  So while this is only the second day I have actually worked on my Nanowrimo Camp projects, I certainly haven't quit.  It helps that for the most part I am editing and rewriting.  So today in a few hours I went through another 12,000 words to bring my total up to just over 25,000 - almost halfway to my word goal.

There was some discussion on the forums about how to track word count if you are editing and rewriting.  Myself, I am going straight through from start to finish as if I were reading this as a book.  I have run onto a few continuity things that had to be worked out, some characters who needed naming, along with businesses and locations (I hate naming things and people so I tend to avoid it until the rewrite), but for the most part I am not changing a whole lot.  I find myself rewriting sentences so they make more sense, or all stay in the same tense time wise (I'm terrible about that).  But anyhow - what I am doing for my word count is simply using the word count tool in Word and going from the beginning to wherever I stopped at that day for the total number.  As long as I actually finish this rewrite and get the book published this month, I will be pretty pleased.  I gave myself a goal of 60,000 even though I know this book is 50,000 because I also hope to get a few smaller works written and/or groomed and published as well. 

I have written part of another story and slapped down some ideas for others which I haven't even bothered to count.  The usual "an idea comes to me when I am washing dishes/meditating/asleep and I've got to get it down RIGHT NOW" kind of thing.  Really not worthy of being included in word count, I don't think.  I'm not counting words in blog entries either. 

The next five days or so I hope to get quite a lot done as I will finally have a string of days that I don't have to jump up and run off and do this or that or be out of town all day.  I'd love to finish Tanuki, Coyote and Kitsune by the 21st and maybe even get a cover drawn and have it out on Kindle by the 28th. 

Wish me luck!

Summer Foovay

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