Monday, November 11, 2013

Nanowrimo Day 11

3,831 words today in one fell swoop - and still managing to get yoga done, meals cooked, a walk in, and my chores.  I'm starting to have fun with these kids.  Choosing karaoke songs for a kitsune, a fox, a coyote and as a bonus, the wolf.  Oh, I haven't mentioned the wolf?  Well, he isn't in the book.  YET.

Wanna peek?

“So, you’ve never told her, eh?” Joey asked Zack.
Zack shook his head, still determinedly staring at the table between long drags at his beer.
“When are you just going to be what you want to be?” Joey asked, both frustrated and puzzled with his friend.
Zack shrugged, and then looked up with a little rueful laugh, “What?  A Kitsune?”
“Hah.  You know what I mean.” Joey snapped, although without any malice.  Zach shrugged again, “It isn’t that easy.”
“Seems to me like it would be easier.”
Zack didn’t answer.

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