Friday, November 29, 2013

Nanowrimo - finished early!

I don't believe in all the nine years or so I've participated - or tried to - that I have ever NOT been pinned to my computer feverishly cranking out words, no matter how ridiculous, watching the clock on Nov. 30th.  This year I finished my novel on November 27th!!  Better yet - the book nicely wrapped itself up right there, just over 50,000 words.  Mind you, I know for a fact that when I go back and rewrite, revise and edit, there are a few episodes I want to add or enlarge on that will most likely cause the novel to run more like 60K if not 70K.  I'm also surprisingly happy with the little novel - and have decided to keep the title, "A Kitsune, a Tanuki, and a Coyote Walk Into a Bar..." because it turns out that the joke in the beginning is the joke throughout.  Even when it gets serious.  Yeah...I really am pleased with this little novel.

And so to celebrate I put all my currently published works - under my own name - on a five day freebie at Amazon.  Here they are in case you want one:

Moving On
One Woman + One Kayak = Bliss
In A Heartbeat - a short story

My first priority for December will be finishing the 1000 Cranes origami (I really want to get my wish) and then I want to edit and publish a couple of other WIP.  Have no fear, I'll share the kids with you soon but probably after the first of the year.  I will have other new books coming out under my pen name as well as more under my name soon.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nanowrimo Day 11

3,831 words today in one fell swoop - and still managing to get yoga done, meals cooked, a walk in, and my chores.  I'm starting to have fun with these kids.  Choosing karaoke songs for a kitsune, a fox, a coyote and as a bonus, the wolf.  Oh, I haven't mentioned the wolf?  Well, he isn't in the book.  YET.

Wanna peek?

“So, you’ve never told her, eh?” Joey asked Zack.
Zack shook his head, still determinedly staring at the table between long drags at his beer.
“When are you just going to be what you want to be?” Joey asked, both frustrated and puzzled with his friend.
Zack shrugged, and then looked up with a little rueful laugh, “What?  A Kitsune?”
“Hah.  You know what I mean.” Joey snapped, although without any malice.  Zach shrugged again, “It isn’t that easy.”
“Seems to me like it would be easier.”
Zack didn’t answer.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


You know, I just sat down and cranked out nearly 3000 words in 2 hours or a little less for my Nanowrimo project for this year.  It was easy.  It occurs to me that if I set a goal of 3000 words a day - written or edited - I'd be through my back catalogue of porn and well into my half dozen WIP in no time at all.  Especially since the majority of my porn is really short stories, 3000 words or less - that would be like one Petit Morte book a day.  Mind you, I'd like to work on some longer erotica, too - eventually.  I'd almost double the needed word count for a Nano-novel each month.  Even given my Sundays off of the computer entirely, and those days that I have to go with the husband to his clinics, or that I spend out at the ranch, I should seriously be cranking out a lot more words than I am.


I know I got burned out cranking 3000 a day in commissioned sex stories - but working on my own stuff would mean I could work on sex stories, or YA stuff, or mysteries or romances, or what the hell ever I drag out of my volumes of WIP files.  I'd feel if I actually finished some of those, and also edited some works that are pretty much done but certainly not ready for prime time.  Never mind what it would do for my wee liddle Kindle income if I was cranking out just the sex books one a day.

So let me publicly commit myself to 3000 words a day on say, at least four days a week (the particular day being flexible depending on other obligations) for the rest of this winter - November, December, January, and February.  I really think I will find it doable - and in the process set up a habit with myself to do it.  I'm good at keeping up habits, once they become habits.

I think it will also help me to have some more "iron clad" sort of habits to drag myself out of this doldrums and feeling of not being in control I've had since the hubby started that round of hospitalization earlier this year.  October was totally off the rails and I am still feeling very unsettled - and carrying a lot of grief over losing Pearlie, too.  If I don't do something to keep me moving I could sink into a really dark place this winter.

Yay me, I can do this.  Now - back to the novel.

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