Thursday, September 12, 2013

And here we go...

I've been listening to the Heal Yourself Project and other videos from MindValley. After a video featuring Bob Proctor you are encouraged to try out his Secret To Growing Riches course for just $1 now and $147 in ten days if you decide to keep it. I had to wait a day to have $1 in my account, but I took a try at it. Three chapters into the course, I conclude that it is total regurgitated bullshit. I write MindValley - who has touted how wonderful their customer service is, to request cancellation. They tell me I have to cancel through ClickBank. ClickBank says give us a reason and we'll think about it. Might take a few days (like ten, eh?). Meanwhile I do a little research, and discover that the book that is being read more or less word for word in the course is available for free as an audiobook on YouTube here: The Science of Getting Rich and as a book for the Kindle at Amazon for .99 cents here; The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles - Including: The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great & The Science of Being Well. I guess now we wait to see if I get charged $147.00 for this book that is now in the public domain :( MindValley, I am very disappointed. I though you were good people I could trust. ROFL. I'm a fool - again.

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