Friday, September 13, 2013

Mindvalley = Hypocrisy

I have a huge pet peeve with those loan companies, used car salesmen, and so forth who advertise on TV, radio, newspapers, Internet and so on that they are a "CHRISTIAN" business. What they are, is taking advantage of the many people who consider themselves Christians, who believe that a fellow Christian would never take advantage of them, or rip them off. Of course, the businesses are nothing but hypocrites who slap a word, a symbol, on their ads and go right on and take advantage of the impoverished but hopeful just like anyone else - maybe worse. At least, I think they are worse, because of the hypocrisy involved.

Well, I guess what I've discovered in the last two days shows how far "New Age" thinking has come. Because now the "New Age" and "Law of Attraction" folks have people who slap that label on their work and use it to take advantage of people who truly hope to improve their lives. I think this hurts me even more than the fake Xtian scam.

Injury number one was to sign up for $1 and the rest of the $147 paid after ten days to examine the course at Mindvalley. Because first off, I soon discovered that the course was nonsense. Then I discovered that an audiobook of the book this course is based on - which is almost word for word read as the course, with a bunch of babbled and nonsense added in - is available at YouTube for FREE. If, like me, you are better off with the print version, you can buy it at AMazon for your Kindle for 99 cents. But Mindvalley and Bob Proctor are offering it for $148.00. :(

Injury number two was to try and follow the (I was assured) easy process to cancel the $147 scheduled charge. First I followed the links provided in my email that so assured me that it was so EASY to do because Mindvalley has the best customer service and all kinds of awards to prove it. Too bad that what happened was Mindvalleys customer service emailed me back to inform me that they were not able to help me - because the purchase was through Clickbank. Did you get that quick little switch? I BOUGHT the program through Mindvalley, with several emails assuring me of how great Mindvalley's customer service was, and how easy it would be to cancel if I decided not to buy. And then when I decided not to buy - now I can't do that through Mindvalley - I have to do it through Clickbank.

I phone the "friendly" customer service at Mindvalley this morning - to be told again - with "true regret" in her voice - that she just couldn't help me.  Awh.  Shucks.

Clickbank's customer service has not contacted me, although I contacted them two days ago - and here comes the weekend. What do you want to bet it takes 11 days before Clickbanks customer service contacts me, and then tells me - well, gee golly they can't cancel now because it isn't in the ten days. (Yes, I've dealt with Clickbanks "customer service" before).

Dirty, dirty, dirty. And hypocritical. So - if you are watching Mindvalley videos, getting Mindvalley emails, and hearing all about how terrific their courses, and teachers, and customer service is - keep in mind that when push comes to shove that "easy to cancel" course you ordered is not possible to cancel at all, and is probably based entirely on information available in the public domain for free.

So "Law of Attraction" has finally made it to the big time of being used like "Christian" to steal from the poor.
Should I be proud of them or what?

P.S. After a phone call, this post, and another email, ClickBank has sent an email confirming cancellation of the order.  Thank you.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

And here we go...

I've been listening to the Heal Yourself Project and other videos from MindValley. After a video featuring Bob Proctor you are encouraged to try out his Secret To Growing Riches course for just $1 now and $147 in ten days if you decide to keep it. I had to wait a day to have $1 in my account, but I took a try at it. Three chapters into the course, I conclude that it is total regurgitated bullshit. I write MindValley - who has touted how wonderful their customer service is, to request cancellation. They tell me I have to cancel through ClickBank. ClickBank says give us a reason and we'll think about it. Might take a few days (like ten, eh?). Meanwhile I do a little research, and discover that the book that is being read more or less word for word in the course is available for free as an audiobook on YouTube here: The Science of Getting Rich and as a book for the Kindle at Amazon for .99 cents here; The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles - Including: The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great & The Science of Being Well. I guess now we wait to see if I get charged $147.00 for this book that is now in the public domain :( MindValley, I am very disappointed. I though you were good people I could trust. ROFL. I'm a fool - again.

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