Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's a whole new world

I have the wonderful luck to be friends with an amazing dog.  His name is Harry and he is sweet, and funny, and cute - and to him it is a whole new world every single day.
Today and every day for the next few days, I am with Harry - it's a new world.  I've made some decisions to make some changes.  Being the Cancer that I am, I've actually been sitting and contemplating them for months - but now decisions are made and changes are being implemented.  Hop on in to my grand adventure - the waters fine.  Nice and warm and healing with good minerals from the hot springs here.

One change you are sure to notice, is that I will now be keeping this blog as my personal and professional blog.

You will be seeing occasional updates about what I am working on, and when I'm working on something that isn't ready to share, or somehow busy I intend to inflict upon you oodles of my short fiction from a life time of writing.

The short stories and articles will run the gamut from opinion pieces (rants), non-fiction, and lots (mostly) fiction from erotica to children's stories.  Maybe if you like some of that, you'll consider purchasing my books.

Now that Flickr has made some changes and we've made peace (actually, I'm really happy with them now!) you'll be seeing photos from the hubby and I of the gorgeous New Mexico life.

Right at this moment I am doing more reading, writing and facilitatin' (more on that later) but I'll share new artwork, too.  I am less than thrilled with some of Zazzle's changes, but I have yet to find any place I like better for sharing my art on products so there ya go.  Wherever you go, there you are.

Facilitating is what I've decided to call that vague service I occasionally provide to other indie authors like me.  It varies a lot depending on the author.  Some folks contact me only for cover art, others need me for editing, rewriting, cover art, formatting for Kindle and publishing their book.  I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing and wonderful people, and I will be introducing you to them and their work in this blog, too.  Maybe I'm weird, but I have as much fun helping someone else achieve their dreams as I do achieving my own.  Mind you - I charge for it - but I charge less and provide more than those "publish your book" services do.

I hope you enjoy what I've got to share now and in the future -

The leading gnu

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