Friday, November 29, 2013

Nanowrimo - finished early!

I don't believe in all the nine years or so I've participated - or tried to - that I have ever NOT been pinned to my computer feverishly cranking out words, no matter how ridiculous, watching the clock on Nov. 30th.  This year I finished my novel on November 27th!!  Better yet - the book nicely wrapped itself up right there, just over 50,000 words.  Mind you, I know for a fact that when I go back and rewrite, revise and edit, there are a few episodes I want to add or enlarge on that will most likely cause the novel to run more like 60K if not 70K.  I'm also surprisingly happy with the little novel - and have decided to keep the title, "A Kitsune, a Tanuki, and a Coyote Walk Into a Bar..." because it turns out that the joke in the beginning is the joke throughout.  Even when it gets serious.  Yeah...I really am pleased with this little novel.

And so to celebrate I put all my currently published works - under my own name - on a five day freebie at Amazon.  Here they are in case you want one:

Moving On
One Woman + One Kayak = Bliss
In A Heartbeat - a short story

My first priority for December will be finishing the 1000 Cranes origami (I really want to get my wish) and then I want to edit and publish a couple of other WIP.  Have no fear, I'll share the kids with you soon but probably after the first of the year.  I will have other new books coming out under my pen name as well as more under my name soon.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nanowrimo Day 11

3,831 words today in one fell swoop - and still managing to get yoga done, meals cooked, a walk in, and my chores.  I'm starting to have fun with these kids.  Choosing karaoke songs for a kitsune, a fox, a coyote and as a bonus, the wolf.  Oh, I haven't mentioned the wolf?  Well, he isn't in the book.  YET.

Wanna peek?

“So, you’ve never told her, eh?” Joey asked Zack.
Zack shook his head, still determinedly staring at the table between long drags at his beer.
“When are you just going to be what you want to be?” Joey asked, both frustrated and puzzled with his friend.
Zack shrugged, and then looked up with a little rueful laugh, “What?  A Kitsune?”
“Hah.  You know what I mean.” Joey snapped, although without any malice.  Zach shrugged again, “It isn’t that easy.”
“Seems to me like it would be easier.”
Zack didn’t answer.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


You know, I just sat down and cranked out nearly 3000 words in 2 hours or a little less for my Nanowrimo project for this year.  It was easy.  It occurs to me that if I set a goal of 3000 words a day - written or edited - I'd be through my back catalogue of porn and well into my half dozen WIP in no time at all.  Especially since the majority of my porn is really short stories, 3000 words or less - that would be like one Petit Morte book a day.  Mind you, I'd like to work on some longer erotica, too - eventually.  I'd almost double the needed word count for a Nano-novel each month.  Even given my Sundays off of the computer entirely, and those days that I have to go with the husband to his clinics, or that I spend out at the ranch, I should seriously be cranking out a lot more words than I am.


I know I got burned out cranking 3000 a day in commissioned sex stories - but working on my own stuff would mean I could work on sex stories, or YA stuff, or mysteries or romances, or what the hell ever I drag out of my volumes of WIP files.  I'd feel if I actually finished some of those, and also edited some works that are pretty much done but certainly not ready for prime time.  Never mind what it would do for my wee liddle Kindle income if I was cranking out just the sex books one a day.

So let me publicly commit myself to 3000 words a day on say, at least four days a week (the particular day being flexible depending on other obligations) for the rest of this winter - November, December, January, and February.  I really think I will find it doable - and in the process set up a habit with myself to do it.  I'm good at keeping up habits, once they become habits.

I think it will also help me to have some more "iron clad" sort of habits to drag myself out of this doldrums and feeling of not being in control I've had since the hubby started that round of hospitalization earlier this year.  October was totally off the rails and I am still feeling very unsettled - and carrying a lot of grief over losing Pearlie, too.  If I don't do something to keep me moving I could sink into a really dark place this winter.

Yay me, I can do this.  Now - back to the novel.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TOO OFFENSIVE FOR AMAZON - so come on over and read it for free then

This week I was informed that one of my kindle books was removed from sale because it "violated Amazons terms" by its title, cover, and description.

Now while it is true that I write erotica - so do a lot of other people.  This particular book, Tickling Cousins, I consider one of my gentlest, sweetest, kindest and probably most innocuous little books of all.  After all, 10% of all marriages in the world are between cousins.  Only the U.S. bans marriage between cousins in the Western world according to Wikipedia and that only in 30 states (meaning in 20 states it's okay to marry your cousin).  So if it is okay to marry your cousin, I assume it is okay to have sex with them.

And tickling?  Really?  Tickling is too offensive for Amazon - the company that allows the publication of rape fantasy, beastiality, and father/daughter incest finds tickling offensive?

I have contacted them several times, and they will only say the title, cover, and description are offensive according to their terms - and these are their terms here - vague much?.

So what the hell.  Here, in it's entirety is the little short sex story that Amazon deems far too nasty, filthy, and offensive for their sensitive readers of father/daughter incest, bisexuality, and beastiality.

Petit Morte

©2013 Petit Morte – all rights reserved

It almost seems too trite, but it’s true.  Yes, they were from the Southern United States, and they did, indeed meet at the family reunion.  Now, mind you, they aren’t related, at least not close enough for it to matter between related by marriage, cousins third, fourth, fifth, who can keep track. 

They were at that sort of awkward age where they weren’t sure if they should sit at the children’s table or with the adults.  Over 18 but under 21, complimented and a bit scared if the adults offered them a beer over by the barbeque. 

She loved kids and always somehow wound up unofficially babysitting all the younger cousins at the family reunion, organizing them for baseball or tag or hide and go seek around the old barns and outbuildings (of course, it was at the old family farm), and he was showing some of the younger boys how to cut a young cane for a fishing pole.

Somehow he and the boys got sucked into the big game of tag.

And then somehow he wound up chasing her round and round and into a quiet spot around behind the tool shed where he caught her at last. 

Maybe she wasn’t running so hard anymore.

He caught her by the hand and drew her in and still full of youth and the spirit of the game he reached out and tickled her.  She laughed and tossed her head and wiggled away.

He grinned, loving the way her red hair shone in the sun when she tossed her head, and the way her tight butt looked in those jeans when she turned to run so he caught her again and tickled her some more.  She wiggled and giggled and between running and laughing her pert, full, young breasts heaved under that t-shirt and it occurred to him she wasn’t wearing a bra.  His heart skipped a beat.

Caught halfway between playfulness and lust he pulled her close and tickled her some more and she laughed and tried to tickle him back, pleased and impressed at his tight slender waist and hard, young body, she entertained a momentary wish to see if that tummy was as flat and hard as she thought it was. 

Flirting he explored every spot he thought she might be ticklish, and grinned evilly when she poked and tickled and couldn’t find a single spot that made him giggle and wiggle like her. 

“I’m only ticklish in one place”, he confided, with a flirtatious grin. 

“Oh, and where would that be?” she managed to gasp out as he tormented her to the point that she lost her balance. 

Suddenly they were lying side by side in a pile of hay, having somehow worked their way inside the old tool shed.  A good thing as her t-shirt had worked its way up until he could actually see the satiny white mounds of her tits with their hard little nipples. 

She gave a little scream and made a not very hard effort to pull her shirt down, which she abandoned because she couldn’t keep struggling while he tickled her ribs with his fingers and kissed and licked those nipples at the same time. 

By then he was laying on top of her and she had a very good idea that that one ticklish spot might be that very hard, hot lump that was pressing against her thigh, or at least somewhere very near it. 

He was nibbling her neck, just lightly enough that she would have been thrashing and kicking but for his weight holding her down.  As it was she was reduced to panting and giggling and squealing.

Hoping for a little revenge, or maybe a little something else she flattened her fingers and slid her hand right down the front of his pants and found a bit of flesh just below that flat, hard young abdomen where muscular thigh met pubic mound, where she managed to curl up a couple fingers just enough to…tickle.

He jumped a foot, screamed, and suddenly rolled aside to curl his whole body around the offending hand.  Kicking his feet in the hay he tried to get his hand down his pants to get hold of hers and pull it out but it was hopeless.  As long as she was tickling him he was never going to get it done. 

In partial desperation he unzipped his pants.  He caught her hand, but set loose a serpent.  One hard flag waving dick pounding with impatience to get some attention of its own. 

She gasped and sat up, one hand over her mouth, blushing prettily, as red heads do, from her exposed breasts right to the roots of her hair. 

There was a little pause.  She reached out with one finger and touched it.

It moved.  A little drop of precum rose to the tip and she thoughtfully spread it around the head of his dick with a soft fingertip.  His eyes closed, he moaned softly and arched his hips towards her.  She giggled.

Then leaned down and bit and nibbled and tickled him right in that ONE ticklish spot she had found.  He laughed and screamed until tears were in his eyes, too weak to struggle away, his dick throbbing and thrashing at the tantalizing touch so close and yet so far.  His dick rubbed her soft cheek as she nibbled and tickled just a little beside it until he was afraid he was going to cum on her face if she didn’t stop and what did that ornery little red head do?

She sat up and grabbed his red hot dick in one hand and still tickling with the other gave it a few good hard strokes, then stopped tickling long enough to give his balls a good hard squeeze just as he shouted and cum started spraying out the end of that hard young cock.  She squealed with delight as he thrashed and moaned and shuddered and gasped for breath.  She giggled as she gave his dick a last few strokes to squeeze the last drop of what seemed like a few gallons of cum.  Then she skipped gaily away, chuckling to herself, as he lay there in disarray in the hay, his poor little weenie red and slowly wrinkling up to hide, his poor little male brain on total shut down and the smell of cum rising slowly from warm hay…

Petit Morte is a former sex worker now writing erotica and sex how to books for the Kindle.  If you’ve joined and read sex stories or articles at a pay site, you may well have read many of her stories under other pen names. 

Yes, Petit Morte is a pen name, and you can find the rest of her work  here

If you think you can stomach such filthy offensive matter!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mindvalley = Hypocrisy

I have a huge pet peeve with those loan companies, used car salesmen, and so forth who advertise on TV, radio, newspapers, Internet and so on that they are a "CHRISTIAN" business. What they are, is taking advantage of the many people who consider themselves Christians, who believe that a fellow Christian would never take advantage of them, or rip them off. Of course, the businesses are nothing but hypocrites who slap a word, a symbol, on their ads and go right on and take advantage of the impoverished but hopeful just like anyone else - maybe worse. At least, I think they are worse, because of the hypocrisy involved.

Well, I guess what I've discovered in the last two days shows how far "New Age" thinking has come. Because now the "New Age" and "Law of Attraction" folks have people who slap that label on their work and use it to take advantage of people who truly hope to improve their lives. I think this hurts me even more than the fake Xtian scam.

Injury number one was to sign up for $1 and the rest of the $147 paid after ten days to examine the course at Mindvalley. Because first off, I soon discovered that the course was nonsense. Then I discovered that an audiobook of the book this course is based on - which is almost word for word read as the course, with a bunch of babbled and nonsense added in - is available at YouTube for FREE. If, like me, you are better off with the print version, you can buy it at AMazon for your Kindle for 99 cents. But Mindvalley and Bob Proctor are offering it for $148.00. :(

Injury number two was to try and follow the (I was assured) easy process to cancel the $147 scheduled charge. First I followed the links provided in my email that so assured me that it was so EASY to do because Mindvalley has the best customer service and all kinds of awards to prove it. Too bad that what happened was Mindvalleys customer service emailed me back to inform me that they were not able to help me - because the purchase was through Clickbank. Did you get that quick little switch? I BOUGHT the program through Mindvalley, with several emails assuring me of how great Mindvalley's customer service was, and how easy it would be to cancel if I decided not to buy. And then when I decided not to buy - now I can't do that through Mindvalley - I have to do it through Clickbank.

I phone the "friendly" customer service at Mindvalley this morning - to be told again - with "true regret" in her voice - that she just couldn't help me.  Awh.  Shucks.

Clickbank's customer service has not contacted me, although I contacted them two days ago - and here comes the weekend. What do you want to bet it takes 11 days before Clickbanks customer service contacts me, and then tells me - well, gee golly they can't cancel now because it isn't in the ten days. (Yes, I've dealt with Clickbanks "customer service" before).

Dirty, dirty, dirty. And hypocritical. So - if you are watching Mindvalley videos, getting Mindvalley emails, and hearing all about how terrific their courses, and teachers, and customer service is - keep in mind that when push comes to shove that "easy to cancel" course you ordered is not possible to cancel at all, and is probably based entirely on information available in the public domain for free.

So "Law of Attraction" has finally made it to the big time of being used like "Christian" to steal from the poor.
Should I be proud of them or what?

P.S. After a phone call, this post, and another email, ClickBank has sent an email confirming cancellation of the order.  Thank you.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

And here we go...

I've been listening to the Heal Yourself Project and other videos from MindValley. After a video featuring Bob Proctor you are encouraged to try out his Secret To Growing Riches course for just $1 now and $147 in ten days if you decide to keep it. I had to wait a day to have $1 in my account, but I took a try at it. Three chapters into the course, I conclude that it is total regurgitated bullshit. I write MindValley - who has touted how wonderful their customer service is, to request cancellation. They tell me I have to cancel through ClickBank. ClickBank says give us a reason and we'll think about it. Might take a few days (like ten, eh?). Meanwhile I do a little research, and discover that the book that is being read more or less word for word in the course is available for free as an audiobook on YouTube here: The Science of Getting Rich and as a book for the Kindle at Amazon for .99 cents here; The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles - Including: The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great & The Science of Being Well. I guess now we wait to see if I get charged $147.00 for this book that is now in the public domain :( MindValley, I am very disappointed. I though you were good people I could trust. ROFL. I'm a fool - again.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Creators and Creation

Who created trees, forests, birds, mountains, and all the wonders of the world we live in?  We call that entity God, Goddess, the Higher Power or the Higher Spirit and we worship them, respect them, and beg their indulgences for ourselves and those we love.  Most of us try to work with them by living a conscious life. 

But each of us is also a creator.  It is that ability within all of us to create that links us to that Higher Power.  It is the proof that we have a spark of that God within us – that we are part of the creation and ourselves creators.

Many people do not believe they are linked to the Higher Power, or that it could possibly be part of them.  They don’t give themselves credit for having the power of creation.  Some people are unable, or unwilling, to see that they are creators in their own small way.

Here and now, the prevailing belief system labels only certain people as creative.  Musicians, artists, writers, actors and actresses.  And how we revere many of those people as if they, too, were gods and goddesses in their own right!  Of course, they are – but so are you.

Each and every one of us is a creator. 

You took the building blocks of a life, and you created one.  Perhaps you created positively, bringing light and life into the world, sharing love with all those around you.  Perhaps you looked at the building blocks you were given, compared them to those of others and got angry, jealous, envious, and tried to destroy your own life and joy and that around you.  There’s a place for you in this Universe, too. If there were no darkness, the stars would not twinkle so brightly. 

Many people think they are not creators at all.  They take the building blocks they are given and let them lie in piles around them, wherever they may fall. 

Have you ever seen a small child like that?  You can hand them toys, toss them to them and they let them lay where they land, staring dully at them or walking away.  I think maybe they are still trying to live in a different world, the world we all came from to begin with, where we are all Gods and Goddesses and we know it.  It’s a bit of a come down to find ourselves born into this mundane world where magic sometimes works so slowly.

There is no use denying this world.  It isn’t perfect, but we are not here by accident.  We are here to create, and even if we pretend we do not know that and walk away – then we have created a void where we could have been.  And doesn’t that suck in an entire army of creators?  Nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, behaviorists, the parents of such a child come to revolve around that void as light circles a black hole before it is sucked inside.  Sometimes it wakes up that little spark of Higher Power in the child, and they turn around and engage this world in whatever way seems best to them – even if it isn’t quite the same way that the majority of us do. 

Just because the majority does it “that way” doesn’t mean it is the right or only way.  If all the other lemmings hop off the cliff, do you have to go with them because you think you are a lemming, or you want to be one, or you want the other lemmings to like you? 

Some people think it’s better to hop off the cliff with the group, than to risk stopping and being left alone on top of the mountain.

We all create a life, whether we chose to or not.  By either choosing our building blocks carefully or haphazardly taking whatever falls close to us.  By either fitting those blocks into something beautiful, like a family or a company or a network of friends, or neglecting them except for when we sit down on one and the sharp edge hurts us. 

Sometimes the blocks we are given are not what we wanted.  We can turn those over, turn them around, and look them over for at least one good side. There must be a star, or why create the night to let it shine? Or – although some people hate to do this – we can set those blocks aside and go looking for some that please us more.  There really isn’t anything wrong with that. 

We are all creators.  We are all creative.  We all have that little spark of God in us.

This is what I believe.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's a whole new world

I have the wonderful luck to be friends with an amazing dog.  His name is Harry and he is sweet, and funny, and cute - and to him it is a whole new world every single day.
Today and every day for the next few days, I am with Harry - it's a new world.  I've made some decisions to make some changes.  Being the Cancer that I am, I've actually been sitting and contemplating them for months - but now decisions are made and changes are being implemented.  Hop on in to my grand adventure - the waters fine.  Nice and warm and healing with good minerals from the hot springs here.

One change you are sure to notice, is that I will now be keeping this blog as my personal and professional blog.

You will be seeing occasional updates about what I am working on, and when I'm working on something that isn't ready to share, or somehow busy I intend to inflict upon you oodles of my short fiction from a life time of writing.

The short stories and articles will run the gamut from opinion pieces (rants), non-fiction, and lots (mostly) fiction from erotica to children's stories.  Maybe if you like some of that, you'll consider purchasing my books.

Now that Flickr has made some changes and we've made peace (actually, I'm really happy with them now!) you'll be seeing photos from the hubby and I of the gorgeous New Mexico life.

Right at this moment I am doing more reading, writing and facilitatin' (more on that later) but I'll share new artwork, too.  I am less than thrilled with some of Zazzle's changes, but I have yet to find any place I like better for sharing my art on products so there ya go.  Wherever you go, there you are.

Facilitating is what I've decided to call that vague service I occasionally provide to other indie authors like me.  It varies a lot depending on the author.  Some folks contact me only for cover art, others need me for editing, rewriting, cover art, formatting for Kindle and publishing their book.  I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing and wonderful people, and I will be introducing you to them and their work in this blog, too.  Maybe I'm weird, but I have as much fun helping someone else achieve their dreams as I do achieving my own.  Mind you - I charge for it - but I charge less and provide more than those "publish your book" services do.

I hope you enjoy what I've got to share now and in the future -

The leading gnu

Living on the down low

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