Friday, November 30, 2012

Yay - I survived and won Nanowrimo 2012

Yes, I am proud of me. I participated in Nanowrimo this year to get myself over the first (and I hope last) real writers block I have ever experienced.  And I did it to myself.  But I have also overcome - with 50K words of a new novel, that at that number is only perhaps halfway done.

Thus I have set myself the modest goal for December to put another 50K words down for this same novel, which I think MAY finish the first draft.  However, I also intend to make room to finish my first adult coloring book of fairies.  And because December is a time I usually take to myself, I hope to color, do some jigsaw puzzles, sew, investigate origami, and read.

I found I really missed having my Sundays off of the computer just to read and color, and I believe that I can actually manage 50K words on the new novel, as well as a coloring page a day for the coloring book, without sacrificing Sundays.

More than anything else, I'm relieved to discover that I can still crank out 3K to 8K words a day if I apply myself.  I think it may have been a matter of finding the correct time niche to do so.  Basically, I write from the time I put the husband to bed, until I'm about to fall out of my chair - LOL.  I may sleep a little later in the day, or slip in a little afternoon nap, if I write until 4 am or so.  No one seems put out by that.

It was a good experience and I think I've learned a few things.  Which is always good!

Summer Foovay

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