Friday, June 22, 2012

My Books Free On Kindle

Fans of the old Lord of the Rings series, who may have even read The Hobbit before the movie, know that hobbits have an interesting birthday custom. Rather than giving gifts to the birthday girl (or boy) the birthday boy (or girl) gives things away to their friends. Finances permitting, I've followed this custom for years. Not that I turn away a gift either ;)

My birthday is June 25th and I will be a ripe old 53, something a lot of people never thought could possibly happen. I'm also writing, illustrating and publishing books - something else a lot of people said would never happen. I think I might edit and finish an old manuscript and publish a new book on my birthday just because I can.

Meanwhile, here is my birthday gift to you - all four of my current publications on Kindle free for five days, beginning June 23rd.

Moving On Chick Lit, LGBT lit, mystic fiction, and a kayak

Cutting Away The Pain BDSM erotica, lesbian erotica, literate erotica, NOT Mommy Erotica, intense

Bloodline (Hunters of Men) thriller, serial killer(s), did I mention intense? Give me a reason to go on with this series - right now I think it is far more work than it's worth. OR show me that it really isn't worth it.

Tales From The Webitchtress Mansion BDSM erotica, lesbian erotica (mostly), bisexual erotica, literate erotica, I'm told I write erotica for MEN so Mommies probably aren't interested.


Summer Foovay

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