Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Romance Lite

Author Jacqueline Wilson's first romance novel on Kindle, A Time To Love is just the right length for a quiet afternoon read on the beach or by the pool. It will tug at your heartstrings, and make you smile with the HAE ending. This is a fade-to-black romance with no erotica. Well, after all - I only edited and made the cover. ;) The 1980's settings in Anchorage, Alaska, California and Australia will make this a sweet stroll down memory lane for anyone who lived in those areas at that time, and a beautiful introduction for anyone who didn't. The novel follows Stephanie through the difficult period at the end of her beloved husbands life. Overwhelmed with the stress of running their business, caring for their home and family, and watching her dear husband slowly fading, Stephanie collapses. Their doctor insists she take a brief vacation and suggests hiring an escort service so Stephanie can feel safe and not worry about a thing. Maybe that wasn't such a great idea, when the owner of the escort service takes a personal interest in Stephanie... A Time To Love

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