Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Jacqueline Wilson - Romance Writer and Duplicate Bridge Teacher!

I've been hinting around for weeks about the amazing new author I have been working with.  (She writes, I type, edit, format, make covers, and get it ready to publish on Kindle).  Last night I helped her set up her blog. Although she has written one romance novel (which will be out on Kindle by next week) her real passion is duplicate bridge - and she is a silver life master in the ACBL.  Her American Standard Bridge by Jackie blog is going to be all about bridge, and she will also be answering questions, and writing some bridge books which will also be published on Kindle!  Look for the first, ABCs of American Standard Bridge, in just a few weeks! She is right here on blogger, so if you have an interest in playing duplicate bridge or know someone who does - give her a follow!

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