Friday, November 30, 2012

Yay - I survived and won Nanowrimo 2012

Yes, I am proud of me. I participated in Nanowrimo this year to get myself over the first (and I hope last) real writers block I have ever experienced.  And I did it to myself.  But I have also overcome - with 50K words of a new novel, that at that number is only perhaps halfway done.

Thus I have set myself the modest goal for December to put another 50K words down for this same novel, which I think MAY finish the first draft.  However, I also intend to make room to finish my first adult coloring book of fairies.  And because December is a time I usually take to myself, I hope to color, do some jigsaw puzzles, sew, investigate origami, and read.

I found I really missed having my Sundays off of the computer just to read and color, and I believe that I can actually manage 50K words on the new novel, as well as a coloring page a day for the coloring book, without sacrificing Sundays.

More than anything else, I'm relieved to discover that I can still crank out 3K to 8K words a day if I apply myself.  I think it may have been a matter of finding the correct time niche to do so.  Basically, I write from the time I put the husband to bed, until I'm about to fall out of my chair - LOL.  I may sleep a little later in the day, or slip in a little afternoon nap, if I write until 4 am or so.  No one seems put out by that.

It was a good experience and I think I've learned a few things.  Which is always good!

Summer Foovay

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wild Bird Photos From The Bosque Del Apache

Wild Bird Photos From The Bosque Del Apache - I share some great wild bird photos my husband took on his birthday trip to the Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, as well as links to the new Facebook page and our page at Public Domain Photos where we share our photos for free.  Donations are appreciated though and will go towards a better camera and more birding trips!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Wheel Turns

The Wheel Turns is my blog post at the "real" Foovay's Cauldron today.  Do visit and enjoy a few photos of birds visiting us here on the Rio Grande, and for a musing, babbling update on my latest plans and projects.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FREE erotic BDSM romance on Kindle

Tales From The Webitchtress Mansion (Erotic Tales from the Webitchtress Mansion) You helped me get my short story, In A Heartbeat, into the top 100! Now, please help me get this erotic romance short story collection into the top 100! Because, really, I give good BDSM ;) from real life experience...and I don't even have to use someone elses characters.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Limited Time Discount on Pagan Greeting Cards

For the rest of this weekend you can get 50% off all cards for Mabon and
Samhain Greeting Cards - click on the links to get your code!


Summer Foovay

Saturday, August 25, 2012

In The Top 100 Short Stories and FREE Today on Kindle!

In A Heartbeat - a short story, published yesterday, free today and right now #84 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Short Stories! I am so happy and excited, I did get up and dance around the house like a lunatic! Wheeee! Thank you everyone! Still free today, tomorrow, and Monday - so if you haven't "purchased" and downloaded yet, please do! After all - I still want to crack that Top 100 Free in Kindle Store list!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Kindle Short Story by Summer Foovay

In A Heartbeat - a short story is a thriller short story for Kindle. It will be free for three days starting Saturday, August 24, 2012. Two very different boys on the verge of becoming men clash in the midst of the natural beauty of the Pocono Mountains. Both of them will be changed. I hope you enjoy my latest offering for the Kindle and I'd love to hear from you if you read it. This may be the direction of things to come...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lammas Greeting Cards

Lammas, or Lughnasadh is a cross quarter holiday celebrated by some, but not all Pagans on August 1st or 2nd. It also falls near the Green Corn Feast celebrated by certain Native American tribes, including my own Cherokee people. It is the first of the three great harvest feasts, and celebrates the ripening of the corn and other grains.

We celebrate with a "corn feast" which means homemade enchiladas, Mexicorn and all sorts of other corn based goodies.

Lughnasadh is a bit of a lesser known pagan holiday but I have created some Lughnasadh, Lammas and Green Corn Feast greeting cards and I noticed that a few more talented artists have also posted their contributions to Zazzle. Now would be a good time to order Lughnasadh, Lammas, or Green Corn Feast greeting cards to send to pagan friends and family in time for the holiday!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Illustrations for Children's Book

I've been having a great time for the last several days drawing new illustrations for another childrens book by the very talented  McCollonough Ceili. If you haven't bought any of her books, for adults or children, you are really missing something!

Doing these illustrations for childrens books, as well as the covers, is one of my favorite jobs.  Sometimes I wish it were the only kind of work that I do.  If had made enough money for me to live on, I probably would be doing nothing but coloring pages for kids and older adults!  Alas, it never made me a living.  I hope it's doing a lot better for Mr. Kwan now that I've sold the site.

I am thinking about creating a coloring book for adults for the Kindle - just to see how it sells.  What do you think, would you buy a coloring book for your Kindle?

Now that I'm back from vacation I'm working on so many projects at once, it's hard to know what to blog about.  I also have some very neglected blogs here and there, so I thought today I'd create an entry for each blog on different subjects.  Check out my main blog, Foovay's Cauldron for a list of everything once I'm done making the rounds!


Summer Foovay

Friday, June 29, 2012

Don't Hate Me For Being Happy

To whoever posted that nasty and personally insulting review of Bloodline - thank you.  I didn't really want to go on with that series and since I'll obviously never sell another copy after that review I can quit now!

For the last week I've been haragued, insulted, and told to go suck a dick on Facebook, and now this review.  Seems my happiness and love brings out the viciousness in certain people.  I don't know what you think you are accomplishing.  Am I supposed to go kill myself?

I was raised by a child molester and a psychopath.  My first husband was another psychopath.  I've been through horrors you can not imagine.  I've had three very evil people do their best to break me.  And I'm still here, motherfuckers.  Living good.  Loving life.

I'm sorry your life is so horrible you can only troll the Internet and try to ruin others.  Many blessings to you and I hope you find a shining light path someday.  Blessedbe.

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Books Free On Kindle

Fans of the old Lord of the Rings series, who may have even read The Hobbit before the movie, know that hobbits have an interesting birthday custom. Rather than giving gifts to the birthday girl (or boy) the birthday boy (or girl) gives things away to their friends. Finances permitting, I've followed this custom for years. Not that I turn away a gift either ;)

My birthday is June 25th and I will be a ripe old 53, something a lot of people never thought could possibly happen. I'm also writing, illustrating and publishing books - something else a lot of people said would never happen. I think I might edit and finish an old manuscript and publish a new book on my birthday just because I can.

Meanwhile, here is my birthday gift to you - all four of my current publications on Kindle free for five days, beginning June 23rd.

Moving On Chick Lit, LGBT lit, mystic fiction, and a kayak

Cutting Away The Pain BDSM erotica, lesbian erotica, literate erotica, NOT Mommy Erotica, intense

Bloodline (Hunters of Men) thriller, serial killer(s), did I mention intense? Give me a reason to go on with this series - right now I think it is far more work than it's worth. OR show me that it really isn't worth it.

Tales From The Webitchtress Mansion BDSM erotica, lesbian erotica (mostly), bisexual erotica, literate erotica, I'm told I write erotica for MEN so Mommies probably aren't interested.


Summer Foovay

Friday, June 15, 2012

Free book on Kindle

American Standard Bridge By Jackie, Vol.1 will be free for the Amazon Kindle starting Saturday through Monday. Bridge bidding can be incredibly complex and frustrating for beginning bridge players. Jackie hopes to share her experience as a silver life master with ACBL and teaching bridge through a series of bridge bidding books on Kindle. I'm trying to help! LOL. If you follow this blog at all, you'll know I've had to edit and re-edit this book since I do not understand bridge at all! At last, it is ready to go - get your copy this weekend!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Litha Greeting Cards

Litha greeting cards - three new designs for 2012 for all your pagan friends and family who celebrate the Summer Solstice season. I hope you like the new style this year - it's a little different from what I've been doing. Pentagrams, stylized sun designs, and fairies decorate these new Litha cards and there is one just for friends who relax and enjoy their summer solstice together.
Litha Blessed and Bright
Litha Blessed and Bright by foovay
Design unique custom greeting cards at

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bridge Cheat Sheet on Kindle

American Standard Bridge By Jackie is a book of beginning bridge cheat sheets on Kindle that you can easily refer to with your Kindle using the active table of contents, or print out to keep at hand when you are playing bridge. I introduced you a few blog entries ago to Jacqueline Wilson, silver life master of ACBL and budding author. This is the first of several planned books for beginning bridge players to be published for Amazon Kindle. I think the idea of bridge cheat sheets for Kindle is great - never mind half a dozen rustling bits of paper, just set your Kindle by your side and play bridge! Please check out this bridge cheat sheet book and let us know what you think - Jackie has plans to write quite a few more! And yes - that's my cover :D bridge cheat sheet

Friday, June 8, 2012

I’ll Have Another Gets The Chance

I’ll Have Another Gets The Chance Kudos to the owner of I'll Have Another for scratching the horse's entry in the Belmont Stakes.  Read the article for some commentary on horse racing - from someone who has worked in the animal industry.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Romance Lite

Author Jacqueline Wilson's first romance novel on Kindle, A Time To Love is just the right length for a quiet afternoon read on the beach or by the pool. It will tug at your heartstrings, and make you smile with the HAE ending. This is a fade-to-black romance with no erotica. Well, after all - I only edited and made the cover. ;) The 1980's settings in Anchorage, Alaska, California and Australia will make this a sweet stroll down memory lane for anyone who lived in those areas at that time, and a beautiful introduction for anyone who didn't. The novel follows Stephanie through the difficult period at the end of her beloved husbands life. Overwhelmed with the stress of running their business, caring for their home and family, and watching her dear husband slowly fading, Stephanie collapses. Their doctor insists she take a brief vacation and suggests hiring an escort service so Stephanie can feel safe and not worry about a thing. Maybe that wasn't such a great idea, when the owner of the escort service takes a personal interest in Stephanie... A Time To Love

Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Jacqueline Wilson - Romance Writer and Duplicate Bridge Teacher!

I've been hinting around for weeks about the amazing new author I have been working with.  (She writes, I type, edit, format, make covers, and get it ready to publish on Kindle).  Last night I helped her set up her blog. Although she has written one romance novel (which will be out on Kindle by next week) her real passion is duplicate bridge - and she is a silver life master in the ACBL.  Her American Standard Bridge by Jackie blog is going to be all about bridge, and she will also be answering questions, and writing some bridge books which will also be published on Kindle!  Look for the first, ABCs of American Standard Bridge, in just a few weeks! She is right here on blogger, so if you have an interest in playing duplicate bridge or know someone who does - give her a follow!

Monday, May 14, 2012

But do you really LIKE me?

My blurb for the Bosque del Apache is  number two on the leader board with two days to go in the weekly Trazzler's travel writing contest.  Trazzler, BTW, has great little weekly writing contests with great prizes for you writers and photographers.  

You can vote for my description of the Bosque del Apache by clicking here.  I'm the one with the 'gator profile pic :D 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trazzler Writing Contest

Trazzler Writing Contest  - please come vote for my description of the Bosque Del Apache - and for my writer and photographer friends, consider entering these easy little contests!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Defund Big Oil

Defund Big Oil  This link is to my main blog where I rant a bit today about a subject near and dear to my heart - controlling the big oil companies.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Greeting Cards

Feb. 21st is Card Reading Day. You probably know, if know me, that I'm a bit anti-made up holidays. But I've changed my mind about Card Reading Day - you can read more about why at Foovay's Cauldron, In Praise of Greeting Cards.

It is cold and grey and rainy here today - hope you are having better weather and a great long weekend.

Summer Foovay

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Valentines Gift To You - My Readers - Free On Kindle

I have two, count 'em, two gifts for you my faithful and long-suffering readers for Valentine's Day. And a third one if you can spare a minute.
First - Cutting Away The Painfree erotica ebook - which is, after all, a love story - will be free on Kindle starting today through Valentine's Day.

Second - Tales From The Webitchtress Mansionerotica ebook is live and ready to purchase for the Kindle TODAY.

Third - to find out what the third gift is, you have to read this post on my main blog Foovay's Cauldron. If you truly want to keep up with all my news - that's the one you need to following!

free erotica ebook
Cutting Away The Pain is an intense erotic novella (4600+ words). This is a story of a young woman marked by the harshest abuse who is discovered by an unexpected heroine. Her new Mistress shows her the ways of love and pain and devotion. I, personally, think this is one of the best stories I have ever written - with or without the hot sex.  Cutting Away the Pain will be free for the Kindle starting today, through Valentine's Day.

 Fresh off the presses - so to speak -  Tales From The Webitchtress Mansionerotica ebook features six erotic stories set at the Webitchtress Mansion. The Webitchtress is a full time lifestyle dominatrix. She and her friends thoroughly enjoy no holds barred hot fetish sex in all flavors. Four tales feature the Webitchtress herself as she dominates men and women with bondage, spanking, pony play, knife play and let's not forget the sexy shoes. Her bisexual girl friend Joey shares a story of her dream come true - when she discovers her lifelong best friend is also a lesbian. Good friends make the best lovers. KB, the most uninhibited of women, reveals that she has a nasty little secret fetish - she loves to watch men masturbate - and shares one of her most exciting experiences. This is definately an erotica sex ebook - if explicit fetish sex is too heavy for you, please don't even bother buying this one.

There is one more big announcement - a free gift - but you'll have to go to Foovay's Cauldron to find it!

I haven't gotten Moving On revised yet - but now that I finished formatting Tales From The Webitchtress Mansion I THINK I MAY know KINDA what I'm doing and I'll be able to get Moving On fixed in a decent amount of time.

Thank you - and I hope you enjoy the books!

Summer Foovay

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blessed Imbolc

Whether you are celebrating Imbolc or Brighid's Day or St. Brighid's Day today (or tomorrow or the next day!) may the seeds of effort you plant be quickened into the success and prosperity you desire.


I had planned to take the entire day off to play games and hang out with the husband and a friend, but during my morning meditation it came to me that it would be good to also begin a couple of projects I have been incubating, as well as touch a few that are already growing with blessings. And so I am going to work a little today. Just not all day long.

May you have a blessed Brighid's Day and may your work this day bring you abundance and blessings all year long.


Summer Foovay

Friday, January 20, 2012

My novel free on Kindle for five days

Usually when my blog headline is "free on Kindle" I'd have a nice long list for you of delicious (well, to me) free public domain books on Kindle. But today the free book on Kindle is Moving On - my first published novel.

Moving On was a Nanowrimo novel written while I was going through menopause. I have laughingly referred to it is an "adult angst" novel (at the time my stepdaughter was recommending a lot of good teen angst novels to me to read). Like most first novels, it is largely based on my own life story - as well as on the life story and experiences of many people I have known. I exercise a good many of my own pet peeves, from the bullshit my old home town use to spew about the oil companies who owned them, to the views most "nice middle class people" have about homeless people, exotic dancers, and prostitutes. So "Moving On" is a real stew of things. It has a kayak, a river, a fox, some horses, a few river nymphs, and a woman protagonist who has been through hell and found peace - but who has also realized the time has come to move on to another stage in her life. It is the typical journey novel - doubled. Melanie journeys up the river, dealing with the moment to moment task of living, paddling, camping, and eating. But at the same time, she is journeying mentally and spiritually through the life she is leaving, her past, from an abusive childhood and early marriage, through homelessness, prostitution, and being an exotic dancer.

Yes, there's a bit of sex in the book. Because the book is about life, and to me sex is part of life. It's a long ways from erotica, but it also doesn't "fade to black" for the sex scenes.

The book was well reviewed by the one reviewer who has ever seen fit to write about it at reviews. Originally the novel was published by Forbidden Press, an ebook publisher who claimed they published all genres but who actually published romances only. Except for Moving On, which is NOT a romance. Thus, needless to say, Moving On did not sell well and I don't think was well liked by those who did buy it. It was simply a bad fit for the audience. No fault on anyone's side.

When their publishing contract was up, I found another publisher who put Moving On in print - and requested that I change the name - which is how it came to be called The River Way. You can buy The River Way in paperback for a ridiculous amount of money - not one penny of which will be paid to me. Or you can get the Kindle version (now finally retitled "Moving On") for free for the next five days. That's a no brainer, isn't it?

Moving On was my first novel. I like to think I've become a better writer since then. But I will say that Moving On probably is more from my heart than anything I've written before or since, or probably ever will again.

You can also borrow Moving On for free through the Kindle Owners Lending Library - and I will always keep it available there.

I don't really know why - but no one has reviewed Moving On on Amazon. Readers tend to send me a personal email or message telling me how the book touched them deeply, even changed their lives, but they don't review it publicly. Maybe it became too personal. I don't know. But it does hurt sales, I think, to not have any reviews.

If you do read Moving On and choose to review it, please email me at sffoovay AT and I will return the favor in any way I can - reading and reviewing your book, following on twitter or facebook, or maybe doing a graphic or ebook cover for you.

Thank you and Blessedbe

Summer Foovay

Moving On on Amazon

Moving On on Facebook:

My writers page on Facebook:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Must-See GOP Chart For The Iowa Caucus

The Must-See GOP Chart For The Iowa Caucus

Apparently they believe either the bottom feeders 99% won't realize this, or won't vote - because they can't possibly believe that the top 1% of votes is all they need to win an election. Is it?

Living on the down low

If you are one of the few brave souls who have been with me for lo these many years of blogging and writing and webpage designing, wow, I l...