Thursday, December 8, 2011

My novels now available through Kindle Owners Lending Library

I just released all three of my novels, Bloodline, The River Way (Moving On), and Cutting Away the Pain,
in a program that makes them available on the Kindle Owners Lending Library. This means if you have a Kindle and you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can now borrow any of my books FOR FREE for a month! So if you've always wanted to read one but it just hasn't been in the budget - borrow it! If you need something to curl up by the fire with this winter - borrow one!

You know all those authors who scream about their books being checked out of libraries and not getting any royalties? Well, the cool thing about this program is that the author - that's me - gets a wee percentage depending on how many times my books are borrowed. They will be on there for 90 days - so go forth and enjoy!

And if you would be so kind as to post a review when you are done, that would be awesome, too.


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