Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter Solstice Greeting Cards

Twenty-one of my Snowflake Pentagram Winter Solstice cards were sold yesterday! I am proud to say that of the many wonderful Winter Solstice cards at Zazzle, mine are currently right on the top row when you search for Winter Solstice Greetings! Of course, when I checked all that out - I noticed how many other beautiful Winter Solstice Cards were available.

Zazzle is having a sale on greeting cards now through Sunday - 50% off cards, and 10% off postage (use code CARDNPOSTAGE at checkout).

Here's my favorite Winter Solstice cards (including mine, I admit - LOL)

Winter Solstice card
Winter Solstice by ernestinegrin
Shop for a different greeting card template online at zazzle

This one made me chuckle:

That was a fun little diversion from all the griping lately, eh?


Summer Foovay

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