Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fire and Ice - the Psychopath

Fire and Ice – the Psychopath

The thought that leapt to my mind when I first saw this image was what a perfect representation it is of a psychopath. So many of them project this icy outer image of perfection – the nice guy next door who plays the clown for children’s parties, the dream husband (rich, handsome, charming), the quiet genius pursuing a law degree. Inside a fire is burning that no one can see and that the psychopath is careful to hide at all costs. Now and then it explodes in a murderous fireball and someone loses. Life, money, security, self confidence, all that and so much more the psychopath will strip from you in a moment of unbridled fury and then walk quietly away once again safely hidden behind their wall of ice. The neighbors are shocked when the bodies begin to surface in the yard next door.

Of all the killers in the Hunters of Men series – some of which you may have met, some of whom you have yet to meet – the one this image is most salient to is Edgar A. Dixon. As sinister as he is with his height, intelligence, and ruthless rule of the family fortune as well as the family mission he still comes off as cold. So cold, that early in the book, Bloodline, Lily is shocked when Betty (the family’s genealogist) tells her that Edgar not only has children – he has in fact 8 children (3 adopted) – and he has 6 grandchildren. They get a good laugh imagining him as “grandpa”. Not bloody likely. His grandchildren are undoubtedly taught to call him Grandfather, and to begin or end any sentence directed at him with Sir.

Martin Hunter, too, comes off as cold but more in the mold of being aloof yet charming (when he wants to be). He is next in line to be family patriarch – and is not above rushing the succession. His passion is raising the next generation of killers, and the secret burning obsession we’ve barely glimpsed as yet is a nascent desire for Lily, that will soon grow into a dangerous need to possess her for his own.

But that’s for the next book.

*evil grin*

Summer Foovay

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  1. I need to read this series--I am so intrigued. Great take on this week's hop!! If you only knew how I struggled to come up with it--I'm so glad you are in :) Cheers, Jenn

  2. I had fun reading your thoughts about your characters. They sound like an interesting bunch!

  3. Ohhh, creepy in a delicious way. I really want to read the series. Checking the links...

  4. Thanks Jenn - the minute I saw the picture I had it - although I had to look up salient in my dictionary to make sure I was using it properly.

    Thanks Mojo Writin' - they are quite a ...different... sort of family ;)

    Langly, thanks - hope you enjoy Bloodline and once I drag myself away here I'll be working on Book Two.


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