Friday, September 9, 2011

Calling My Audience

I have a lot of wonderful friends online. Amazing, creative, loving, kind, compassionate, smart friends. Some of them are here to try and make a living, or at least a little extra money. Some are driven creative people who must write or draw or photograph or create in some way and are able to share their creations through the marvel of the Internet.

None of them are my audience. I share my writing to be told over and over various versions of “Wow, this is awesome. You are a great writer. Don’t stop. But – it isn’t really my cup of tea.”

Now the encouragement is deeply appreciated. I need a great deal of positive reinforcement to continue creating and sharing because I started out with a great deal of negative reinforcement in my life, and I very easily become discouraged and depressed. Some of that is from early abuse, some of it is from the continual realities of this world, where I am paid $8 an hour to swab toilets in a motel, and less than a penny an hour to draw or write – if that – and that grudgingly from a consumer base that seems to feel that artists and writers really give away their work for free for the joy of sharing.

I wish we could, by the way, but even creative people need to eat.

I diverge. (Speaking of diverging – I am diverging one last time here to say I intend to diverge a lot less in future blog posts – short, focused, punchy, one subject posts – that’s where I am going)

My current friends, and blog readers, and twitter tweets and Facebook friends, and especially my Squidoo contacts – are not my readers. They are not my audience. (Yes, there are, of course, some exceptions)

I need to make contact with my audience. I need to reach the people who will read my writing and go “Wow. That was my kind of book. I loved that. What else has she written? When is the next one coming out? OMG I better get on her mailing list/feed/fan page/twitter account so I’ll know as soon as she writes something new.”

(I also need to find the customer base for my art – but that’s a whole nother thing – and I’m trying to be more focused in my blog posts – right?)

Before anyone gets butt hurt, I am not about to unfriend anyone anywhere for any reason. Are you kidding? I love you guys, I need you guys, and I wouldn’t want to lose touch with any of you because I also love to see what you are doing and creating. What I hope is that I’ll make even more new friends and fans!

Okay – I am stopping now. I’m focusing. Everything else I want to talk about today is – well – something else. And besides, I need to give the hubby a ride to his half day volunteering so I can keep the car and go do other things.

See – some of you are interested in that, and some of you couldn’t care less. In my next post, I hope to make everyone’s life a little easier or at least, more focused.

Focus, focus, focus…


Summer Foovay


  1. I do understand what you are saying Summer--your audience is out there--you just somehow need that one avenue to connect to all of them at once so they are begging to read more. I know exactly how you feel!

    That aside, you know I am definitely a fan. My time constraints have slowed me down in reading, (I have not done a review in weeks) and my schedule will be hectic for awhile--but I do plan to read your hunter series...I am so looking forward to it.

    ((HUGS)) to you!! Keep writing. You do have a gift for writing...and I am one fan who'd like to see you continue writing. More Please :)


  2. Thank you thank you for the encouragement :) I need all the good vibes I can get as I've also decided to concentrate on the Hunters of Men series. I certainly understand about time constraints and we've all been super busy in the last few weeks - must be something in the air!


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