Monday, August 8, 2011

It's a Fairy Day

The hubby is sitting back watching his favorite TV series having finished all his todos for the day.

He's ahead of me.

I did get a new blog article up over at about the names we call fey folk - fairies, nixies, pixies, sprites, nymphs, and so on and I have it in mind that I'm actually going to get all of these Squidoo lenses about fairies updated today:

Try and get those fairy lenses the kick in the pants the coloring page and coloring book lenses got from The Great Experiment.

Odd that I am so fascinated with the fey folk and I don't write about them - other than the occasional short story. Perhaps I need to remedy that... I do have a WIP story germ for an updated dark and gritty Snow White. (You should have known)

I did get my studio rearranged a bit after the hubby finished building and installing the new bookcase. I unpacked and set up my sewing machine and have high hopes that once I get those fairy articles updated, I'll get some curtains whipped up for the bedroom.


Summer Foovay

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