Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting Things Done

One way and another I spent all of last week doing all sorts of things other than getting the work done I intended to do. All the other projects were worthy, from our anniversary, and the Lammas feast, to a visit from the in-laws, to helping a friend move - but they all kept me from My Work.

I should have known - since I did a tarot reading last weekend about my work and it said there would be a pause before I got started on the things I was asking about. I remember thinking "Not if I can help it" - and then here came all sorts of things I really couldn't help. This morning I got up full of anticipation of Getting Things Done.

The first thing I did was send my beloved and now retired husband to the store *evil cackle* with a list of things to buy so HE can get some honey-dos done. *more evil cackling* In my defense, most of those honey-dos are things I need him to do so I can do things on my project list.

I have a list of blog entries to write, Squidoo to-dos, much email and FB and Tweets to catch up on, some sewing and house work, and oh yeah, I really would like to get some writing done on two - count 'em - two novels that I mentally finished (one) and began (the other) while moving and driving and all those other things I was doing last week besides sitting at my computer.

So while I am buzzing around here doing things that will be nearly invisible from your side of the Internet, I'd like to direct you to The Guest Writer Blog, where I am today's guest writer. I think this blog is a great idea on several levels, and all my writer and blogging friends ought to pick a really outstanding entry of their own to send in. Hint hint hint.

Why, no, I am not sending you somewhere else so I can get things done today. Really. But if you should bump into my husband - remind him he has a budget to stay within. ;)


Summer Foovay

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