Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Question that Sparked Cutting Away the Pain

I have always been fortunate to have intelligent and engaging friends. One in particular is a young man whose sexual orientation is pretty vanilla, but who is aware of my kinky sexuality and eternally curious about it’s origins and expressions. We’ve spent many an hour discussing sexuality, among many other subjects. I do enjoy intelligent discussion.

One evening he asked if there was ever a time when I would have been a submissive, rather than the dominant female that I am now. I believe at the time I told him “possibly”. But the question sank into that seething cauldron I call my brain and stewed for a few days.

Cutting Away the Pain crawled out of that stew in the middle of the night, full blown and ready to be written down. It’s sort of a “what if” biography. Both the submissive and the dominant in the story share a lot with me, personally. It’s almost as if the dominant I am now had been able to go back and “save me” when I was young and submissive and given me a nurturing environment to explore my desires and sexuality.

Do you ever look back at your life and wonder – “what if” – at a particular point something very different had happened, what sort of a major turning point it would have been and how it might have made such a major difference in who you became?

I bet that would make a great story. Maybe you ought to let it stew in your brain for a few days – then share it with the world.

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Summer Foovay

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