Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Awards and Rewards

I wasn't going to blog today. Most of the day was spent doing some much needed housecleaning, then an errand for a friend, and some time spent with him when I had to deliver some bad news. We gave a young man a ride to town who has lost his home and is moving what he could stuff in a pillow case. I was already feeling pretty fortunate, blessed in my own life. Wishing, as always that I was making a bit more money, or could get that magic wand I've had on back order for thirty years now that I can wave and make all my friends problems go away.  Or at least that we had enough gas money so we could have made a couple of trips for that young fellow.

When I finally sat down to my email this evening I was totally stunned.

First, to be informed that I am now officially a Zazzle ProSeller! I squeaked so loud my husband came trotting into the studio, expecting to see me being chased around the room by one of our monster roaches (they freak me out) - instead I was doing the Happy Dance.

A few minutes later I was so Gobsmacked by This Award;

To read the full review go
to: Education Site Review

for and the review that came with it at My Boarding Blog that I could only sit here with my jaw on the floor. The blogger makes me sound like I have a double PhD in education and art, and sent a very kind and complimentary email as well.

I have no words for how I feel right now. (Hubby laughed and said "some writer you are")

Thank you to everyone - everyone who reads my blogs, uses my products, uses the coloring pages - it is you I create for and it is you who deserves the credit for these awards. Without you, no one would know me.

Thank you


Summer Foovay

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