Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Finally artists get paid

If you know me personally, or read this blog often, you've heard me rant over and over about how this current world, this system, does not respect creators, does not pay creators.  All the money you spend on buying a CD sinks into the infrastructure and the musician, singer, and songwriter get pennies, the same for a ticket to a concert, a video game CD, and don't get me started on visual arts and stealing or expecting to use art commercially for free.

I know, right?

But tonight I watched this incredibly inspirational talk - and I finally believe that this is all about to change... and you can be part of it.  We can every one of us, be part of it.  How cool is that? 
Now all I got to do is figure out how to get some of that for me...


Summer Foovay

Saturday, August 12, 2017

From Swingers to Polyamorous - How to sex and relationship advice from someone with real life experience

So - He Wants To Swing: How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing by [Morte, Petit]
So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing.

I have never really understood why this little how to sex and relationship book has not taken off. I expected it to at least putter along with a regular amount of sales, like How To Eat Pussy has for a number of years.

Speaking from my own experience, I would really have liked to have this reference back when my first husband told me he wanted to swing, or to have an "open marriage".

Maybe the big problem is that we don't call people who have sex outside of marriage, or their main relationship, swingers any more, do we? Mostly I see them called "polyamorous". But in my humble opinion, that isn't strictly accurate. Polyamorous, at least to my mind implies more of a relationship status - that is, having two or more lovers with whom you have a real relationship as opposed to people you basically only meet up with for sex and little else.

Now that I've said that, looking back the majority of people I have had a swing or polyamorous relationship with have been people I had more in common with than sex.  Sometimes we did meet originally for sex, but developed a relationship over time that was much more of a friendship with benefits.

I have been bisexual and poly as far back as I can remember.  I kid you not, I had two crushes in sixth grade - one on a boy, one on a girl.  Then they became a couple.  I had some rather sexually sophisticated fantasies by the age of 11. Evil grin. Anyway, I've always been attracted more to a personality I like than to any physical characteristic, including sex organs or visible gender. So I suppose I am most likely to fuck my friends.  (A dear friend, and sex partner, many years ago came back with "Of course you fuck your friends.  You wouldn't want to fuck your enemies.")

That doesn't mean I haven't had my share of one night stands, both when I was and was not married or in a committed relationship.  After I divorced the first husband, every one who became involved with me got "the lecture".

I have all the morals of an alley cat.  I will not even attempt to be faithful sexually, although I am very loyal emotionally. Those standards will apply to you as well.  I don't care who you fuck, as long as you know who you love. The one thing I demand is honesty.  There is no need to fuck around behind my back because I don't care if you fuck someone else.  I do care if you lie to me. So just don't lie about it.  Better yet, bring them home and share!

There, I just gave away the most important point in the little book - HONESTY.  It is the one essential thing that makes an open relationship work.

And since I have now been married for 27 years to the same awesome guy, and most of those years our marriage was open (we closed it for a few years by mutual agreement - and then made it open again later) I think I can claim I know how to have a successful, long term, open (or polyamorous if you prefer) relationship.

For the next five days or so, So He Wants to Swing - how to answer your partner when he wants you to swing will be free on the Amazon Kindle.  It actually has a decent ranking on several lists but maybe it will garner an actual review, or wiggle up far enough to be noticed and sell a few copies for the next few months. I may also raise the price.  It is quite understandable, given the quality of many of the 99 cent Kindle books, that no one will buy it at that price because they assume it is barely readable, written by a total illiterate.  I think maybe a lot of people assume any one who was an exotic dancer is by definition an illiterate.

I was an exotic dancer for 15 years - what do you think?  Can I read and write? Actually you would be surprised.  Okay, you can be a total idiot and be a dancer, but you can make a lot more money, and do more with that money, if you have a brain and use it. You might also be surprised to learn that a lot of exotic dancers have advanced degrees.  More than one woman has started dancing to pay for college, gotten her degree, and then found out she makes 3 to 10 times more money dancing part time as she can kissing ass and struggling at a full time job using her degree. Having a brain - she chooses to continue dancing.

Yeah, I know, I should write about all that someday.  I will.  So many creations trying to get out of my brain, only so many hours in the day.

Below are the links to the little sex how to book about polyamory, or swinging, or open marriage, whatever you want to call it for most of the countries who buy my books.


Summer Foovay

So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing - U.S.A.

So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing - U.K.

So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing - Canada

So He Wants to Swing - How to answer your partner when he wants you to swing - Australia

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Checking in with Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends

I finally gave in and married Butterflytchi off to (I think) Yumepapatchi.  He reminded me of Harry Potter, and he kept showing up at the Music Cafe for lunch.  I couldn't resist.

The resulting child was a female, 13th generation.  As a child and teen we only went to Beautician class - and the resulting adult is Himespetchi, who loves robots.  She has a symbol next to her name that looks like a baseball bat to me, but I guess it is actually a screwdriver to work on your robots with. I've had her before, but I like her, so that's okay.

By the way, her favorite treat is the choco heart.  If you feed it to her she'll do a happy dance.

No new jewelry sprang out at me at her birth. (Sigh) And I just checked the Tamamori Shop and there's nothing new for sale. I've settled for knowing there are some things I will never open because they require X number of friends and love bumps and since I seem to own the only Tamagotchi Dream Town Friend in all of Las Cruces, NM (as far as I know) there's no way I can overcome that.

In Dream Town Himesptchi has a big crush on Mametchi, and to tell the truth I'm pretty fond of him myself.  If I can arrange a marriage for them by this weekend, I'll do it.

So the skill thing seems pretty weird.  Beautician class gives you a robot engineer? Performer class gets you a pet groomer? I guess the next child will be going to Musician class - if I can manage to get any kind of score on it.  Anyone else have anything to add?

Have fun!

I downloaded a couple new games yesterday, and I'm probably past due so I'll try and get some "what I'm playing now", what I'm reading now, etc. posts up this week.


Summer Foovay

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My New Facebook Memes

Anyone who follows me on Facebook may have noticed yesterday and today a couple of bright shiny new memes on my timeline - like this one. Please, do share them all you like.  I will be putting up an album of them so they are there for you.

Image may contain: text, outdoor and waterI used to go to Facebook to be cheered up by the humourous memes, funny and inspirational videos and on and on. Most of the time now, I'm on Facebook four hours three times a week. That's right, if he is on dialysis I am on Facebook, and that's because we chat on Facebook messenger.  He is not allowed to have a phone or a family member or any contact with the outside world while he is in the dialysis chair.  It's like prison only worse because he is actually confined to a single chair and unable to move one arm without getting permission from a nurse or tech who are dashing madly around trying to take care of too many patients at once. So we chat on messenger and then he can reach me if the doctor visits and he needs to pass on information and get any questions from me, or if he is not feeling good, or if he needs something I can bring from the Firefly. About once a week he assures me the ambulance that just pulled up to the clinic sirens screaming is not for him.

Other than that, I don't generally spend a lot of time at Facebook any more.  This is because since Trump got in office, my timeline is a never ending litany of depression and misery and fear as he shreds everything I ever cared about or loved about this country. When Bush won his second term, I was actually barred from watching or reading news by my husband. Not that we generally do that sort of thing - but he couldn't stand seeing me so upset all the time.  Trump is worse than Bush and hubby is borderline ready to bar me from news again.  For my own emotional health. The problem is of course, barring me from Facebook is not actually possible or even reasonable.

So instead, for my own sake but also for all my very dear friends on Facebook, I have determined to do what I can do to lighten the atmosphere there. It's mostly pointless to share the "what did that fuck do today" memes since I've pretty well eliminated everyone who hated Obama, or who thinks Trump is ordained by God to lead us from my friends list for my own mental health.  So I'm preaching to the choir and if they want to know what he's done today, someone is bound to tell them.

So what I am going to do is post a daily meme that is pretty with a happy quote or an inspirational or uplifting affirmation or message.  Something positive.

Now I won't lie - I'm sure I'll still also share information about the extermination of the wild horses, because I think there are many people totally unaware of that going on. I'll probably post news items from my Native American news because those stories often are not covered by mass media. I feel like if I can bring that bit of news to 647 people, give or take, who might read and think and share again, well that's a public service of sorts. Hubby and I share stuff back and forth, needless to say. I'll always share things like when my books are free or I publish something new or blog posts, stuff like that.

But, yeah, this one little thing I will do.  It would be awesome if I could make a few hundred people have a happy thought or a smile once a day - wouldn't it?

Pass it on...

If it happens that somehow you aren't a friend of mine already on Facebook, here I am.


Summer Foovay

Monday, July 31, 2017

Thank you

Thank you to every single one of you who reads a blog post, or buys or borrows a book on the Kindle. You help us more than you will ever know.  That money rolled on in today - and we are on our way to the grocery store.  I only hope that something I have written or created makes as great a contribution to your life as you have made to mine.


Summer Foovay

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends Update

Girl. 12th generation. Performer classes only as a child and teen and I got Butterflytchi.  Like Monakatchi, she has the scissors symbol by her name and both of them are listed as pet groomers on the poster, so I'm going to take a wild guess that the scissors means their skill is pet grooming.

Next week I'll try Beautician class and see who shows up.  If I can bear to let go of Butterflytchi who I find adorable!

Bad Reviews

Ever since I first started posting reviews, on my blog, on any social networks, on Amazon, I've rarely posted a bad review.  If I really dislike a book, I generally set it aside, delete from my Kindle and cloud and figure, it's just not to my taste.  Maybe someone else will like it better. After all, I am an author and I know how much a bad review can hurt your heart, let alone your pocketbook.

Of course, now we have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of talented new authors bravely throwing their work out there on the Kindle self publishing platform.  So many new books I could never hope to sort through and read them all. So I've subscribed to a few of those book newsletters that send you lists of books that are free or discounted with a blurb about how wonderful they are and I've been picking up some books on the Kindle guided by those blurbs and the glowing Amazon reviews that go with them.

Boy, have I been disappointed!  I thought that Amazon had tamed the purchased five star review market and it was now safe to skim some reviews and make a book purchase.  Instead it seems as if the more glowing and hyperbolic the review, the worse the book.  This isn't something I've noticed on one occasion.  I'd ignore it.  No, this is over and over and over again, I buy a book with glowing reviews and a chapter or two into it I am thinking... did this person not even run spell check on the rough draft before they published it?

Actually, I'd ignore some misspelled words or bad grammar.  It's story inconsistencies I can't stand.  Bad writing. Or what I consider bad writing, anyway.

This isn't one novel out of five, again, something I'd ignore. In fact, I'd be inclined to ignore two of five, or three of five, but five of five?

And all of them with glowing reviews, comparing them to work by the finest writers of the past and present.

It got so bad, I've deleted so many books in the last month, for such egregious bad writing, that I really felt like there should be a warning light in the darkness. That someone in those pink clouds and rainbows, ought to turn on the lights and say - this book sucks because...

It finally outweighed my personal (strong) morals against giving bad reviews.

So I posted three bad reviews of the worst offenders I've read in the last month or so.

Today I got a reply from one of the authors.  He attacked me personally in the review, saying I go around trying to write mean reviews and it's obviously my thing from looking at my reviews, because my review is the only bad review and many other people wrote great reviews. (And I think - yeah, I wonder how you guys manage that - tame reviewers, paid reviewers, maybe just reviewers with lower standards...I'll say that many of them repeat the same key phrases over and over...)

Which tells me he only went back three reviews, because prior to that, of course, I gave only good reviews.

I stand by my review.  The book, in my humble opinion - and I have a right to one, is awful. But at the same time - this started my day off on the wrong foot.  I mean, I'm sorry.  I'm an author.  I know it hurts like hell to get a review like that. On the other hand, I am a reader.  I am sick to death of buying books that have glowing reviews and then finding out they are awful. There goes an hour or two of my life I'll never get back. I could have been doing the laundry or something useful. If I had skimmed the reviews and seen there were a number of one stars, I would have read a couple of them and concluded this person isn't the next master of thrillers. And saved my money and time. And considered the reviewers who gave the one stars good people - thanks for saving me from a bad book.

While I was answering the authors reply, my husband and I were talking about some political things that are going on. Pretty negative stuff in our opinion. It seems as though almost everything online and in the news is really negative lately.

Our life, on the other hand, is actually finally going well.  Life is good. The fact my husband is alive is good - but beyond that he is getting better every day.  He's even gaining some weight back.  I'm on kind of a roll in my personal life, too. Doing a lot of origami and artwork, gaming, learning game development (!) and in general enjoying a good life. After the last couple of years of insane drama, it's very nice and quiet.

So this whole business of bad kindle books with glowing reviews, giving a bad review because a book is really so awful I feel readers should be warned, and being reminded how painful that is for a writer who, no doubt, poured their soul into this book, the whole situation....I don't need it. It's all negative. Yes, I love to read and it honestly makes me upset to start reading a book I was looking forward to because of the reviews, and find it terrible.

It doesn't help any of these dear indie writers that I also hit a great hard copy book sale a few weeks ago and I now have a shelf full of REAL John Grisham, Marcia Mueller, J.D. Robb, and my favorite Dean Koontz to read. The contrast is not very flattering to the indie writers.

I hearby excuse myself.  I'm cancelling my subscriptions to the book newsletters. I'm deleting pretty much everything I've bought in the last six months. There's been a couple of real finds - I reviewed them - that were outstanding and I will probably concentrate my limited budget on buying up the rest by those authors.  Maybe I'll do a blog post on each of those authors, as penance! They deserve whatever kudos I can throw their way both to encourage them and to remind us readers that there are some good ones to be found.

Someone else with a stronger heart, or a greater tolerance for negativity and bad writing can be the lighthouse who posts honest reviews in a pile of promotional bullshit. I've got better things to do.

Too bad though.  This stuff is burying and destroying what I dreamed the self publishing market could have been for good, indie authors. Just like the political negativity is burying the cute kitten videos and positive, supportive community I dreamed social media could be.

Maybe human beings simply aren't the shining lights of spirit I dreamed they are.  Maybe we simply cannot bear the sunshine and would prefer to bury ourselves in dung.

Now I'm really depressed.  I'm going to go fold some pretty flowers.


Summer Foovay

Link to all of my reviews, if you're interested. I just counted, three recent one star reviews, and the rest on this page are four or five stars except for one mediocre 3 star and a game that I gave a one star to. Even the freaking product reviews are good.  LOL.