Saturday, April 22, 2017

The perfect read for a lazy weekend

Gee, I just discovered that I can instantly transfer a review on Goodreads over to my blog.  How about that?  So, I will.  Here it is:

Society for Paranormals (Society for Paranormals, #1-4)Society for Paranormals by Vered Ehsani
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a pleasant interesting little read for a lazy day. Sit back with a cup of tea, a hot buttered English muffin, and relax. I read all three in two days - well, my edition only had 3 and I haven't bought the 4th yet. The author takes the Victorian English cozy mystery a step above by transporting her detective to Africa, and tossing in the paranormal. The nerd in me loved the afterword where we learn which elements of the story were actual historical facts. There's a little romance, of course, but it isn't painful. It's witty, in that old fashioned way, and fits perfectly into the genre. This isn't high literature, but then it doesn't try to be. I'll happily spring for future books, and really, they are a bargain!

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Isn't that cute?  I'll have to remember that.

At the moment I am not accepting any requests for reviews. I love to read.  I review what I read if I liked it enough and have time. And that's that.

Blessedbe and best of luck with all your endeavors

Summer Foovay

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rudolph The Red Nosed Writer Goes On A Ramble

I always really identified with poor Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  They never let me play in any reindeer (or human) games.

Children are cruel little people who sense anyone with a difference and separate them from the herd.  It's instinct, of course.  The one that's a bit different - in a herding species like our own - is the one the wolves also target and eat.  Children LEARN compassion and kindness, and believe me, they only practice it when someone who cares is watching - at least for the first few years.

Now that I've gotten rid of about 90% of the soft, fluffy, children are our future people...

So I was different.  I was highly intelligent, and extremely damaged. Raised by a psychopath and a child molester, keep isolated, treated as an adult (in every way) from the age of 2; I will be the first to acknowledge that I am fucked up. Because I figured I deserved another dose of it I married a Narcissist and endured another 8 years before I even started to shake off those chains. I was an introvert in the first place, and now there's Complex PTSD on top of it.  We won't even get started on sexual and gender stuff. Bottom line, I never learned to socialize with other "normal" humans.

But I'm a writer, and an artist and apparently a good listener.  The need to support myself forced me out into the world of the "normals" and I learned to at least pretend to be human and polite.  And I heard and lived a lot of great stories that I would love to share. It's what I do.  See, I actually care about you very much, I just don't really want you in the same room.

The very presence of another human being puts me under a certain amount of stress.  Imagine being in the presence of a cobra.  It's not even paying attention to you, just hanging out in the same room.  But yeah, you're probably very aware that there is a cobra in the room.  And you have to work there.  Shop there.  Learn there. In fact, you are expected to make friends with the cobra.

Personally, I'd rather be in the presence of a cobra.  See, snakes have a very simple world view.  You are food, or a danger, or something they'll ignore like part of the furniture.  Humans?  I have no freaking clue what you might do next.
I don't understand you at all. I never had the chance and now I'd simply rather not.

Well, actually, I do understand you.  I understand how you interact amongst yourselves in a lot of ways.  Lots of stories, you know. But as far as how I should act, and how you may react to me - no clue. My bullshit and lie detector was smashed before it fully developed, and my standards for friendship are apparently set way, way too high - although they are what I freely offer.

Along comes the Internet and the Kindle and I can write my little heart out and avoid the whole rejection letter and interacting with actual humans thing and I'm pretty happy.

Then I start reading about writing and being successful as a writer and I end up feeling like there is no hope for me.

As usual, I don't fit in your little boxes.  I write in more than one genre and more than one voice.  I write sex stories, kid stories, and non-fiction - among other things. I don't have a brand and I don't have 1000 fans breathlessly awaiting my next twitter blast.

Because I suck at social interaction. I thought I was going to finally get to climb into my lonely writers garrett and write in peace, and now you want me to blog and interact on social accounts and do it all in such a way that it "builds the brand".

What brand?  I don't have one single interest.  Sorry.  I'm a multipotentialite.  So the dog people cringe when I talk about Paganism, and the politics people cringe when I talk about dogs, and... probably the parents with the fluffy children who like my kids books cringe when I talk at all.

What's a writer to do?  A writer who would like to make a little money at it anyway? I have no desire to be the next JK Rowling (I bet she has to share a room with people a lot) but you know, a living.  Which is probably a lot less for me than for most people.  But it's also a lot more than I am making these days writing.

One thing I have tried is pen names.  In fact, I'm plotting right now for another one.  And possibly more. I like it.  If you want to read kids books, look for this author.  If you want grim mysteries, this author.  Sex stories by this author over here. And I pretty well talk on this blog, and my Facebook and Twitter about all of my various names and projects so if you just like my unique way of thinking about the world (in the words of one of my first readers) and you like to read in more than one genre, then you can follow me around without too much trouble, too.  If you only like kids books, or sex books, or mysteries or whatever, go follow that name.

But does that mean I should have a Facebook page for each pen name?  And Twitter and author page on Amazon and, and, and...etc.?  Are you kidding?  I can barely interact with my FishWorld friends on Facebook!

And I have to ask you, dear readers, do you seriously really follow your favorite authors that way?

I wonder because I am a reader, too, and here's the honest truth.  I don't.  I have a few FB friends who are authors, but I've dropped more than I keep and I keep the ones I do because they are interesting people, not because I buy or like their books.   I've quit following authors on Twitter unless I actually buy their books, because all most writers tweet is "buy my book", "buy my book", "buy my book" and maybe "buy my friends book".  I follow a few authors blogs.  I follow one authors blog because I love her blog, but I fucking HATE her books.  You couldn't pay me to read her books.  But her blogs are really interesting. I feel a little bad because I never do anything on her blog that she could earn money from, and I can't bring myself to buy her books. I get a few authors newsletters, but, again, drop more than I keep because most of them are one very long, self involved commercial and I could care less.  Let me know when the next book is out, and when they're on sale.

As a reader, do you really give a shit that the next Mr. Odon Ata is largely done (in my head) and only waiting on a larger plot curve in the kid's life to hitch it too, and the first book of the Locoweed batch has been set back into the back burner while I do some boring background outlining for the whole Locoweed series that I have decided has to be done before the first book comes out so that I've now started a routine to write 200 words a day period and then try to rewrite, edit, and mentally tinker with ideas for the other hundred things in my head? Do you care about that - or do you just want to know when I finally publish a new book? And if it is one of the ones you want to read?

If you read this blog, is it because you love my books, or because you know me personally (poor thing)  or know my husband (now he does know how to socialize), or like that one poor reader, you like the way my quirky mind works and find my babble interesting AND you want to know when the next book is coming out. Because I've never succeeded in really BRANDING this blog so it's all about Mr. Odon Ata books, or nature, or kids, or sex, or serial killers, or kidney disease, or me.

And I can't play those people games at all - so my wonderful little Wattpad mystery has like three readers and probably less for my other work, and I seriously doubt anyone there has reached out so far as to click a link to my Amazon page because why would they when they can read free on the Internet?

I'm a writer.  So my little mental crises tend to bleed all over the keyboard and the blog post, page, or Word doc.  You may have noticed.

I don't want to BRAND myself. I don't fit into a little box.  I not only think outside the box or jump the fence, I am standing in this big, marvelous world looking all around me and thinking WHAT FENCE? 

I get it that they are visible to you, these lines, but I can't see them and never know when I'm over the lines. And further more, I don't really care.

Let me tell you a quick horse story and I'll go.

At one point in time, I had my QH mare Southbound boarded at a friend's little acreage.  To pay my "board" I was training a three year old filly he had.  I turned Southbound out and after hanging around for a while (she was horribly jealous of my attention to the filly) she wandered off to graze.  While I was working with the filly, the young one had a little flip out moment and in the process yanked up a post and a short section of fence and galloped off with it.  She was fine, calm down.  This little section of fence stuck out of the barn and really had no purpose other than hitching a horse to it, but the route from the pasture to the barn required that you take a few steps around this bit of fence and then into the barn.  But the bit of fence was gone.  Completely.

At the end of the day, I called Southbound up for her dinner.  She ran up to where the fence used to be and stopped.  As if she couldn't believe her eyes, she stuck out her nose and waved her head around where that bit of fence used to be.  Sniffed.  Snorted.  Pointed her ears at it.  Nothing there.  And finally, she very carefully walked around the fence that wasn't there any more. 

I rolled around in the hay laughing at her.

What fence?  I still can't see it.  I'm going to do what I do and pray the Goddess sees fit to serendipitously send me the readers who will enjoy my quirky way of thinking.


Summer Foovay

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It's officially a garden!

One of the lovely things about this new lot we moved into a few months ago is that I have a little tiny green space - complete with white picket fence - that I can tend.

<<<These pretties were left behind - but have been responding with lots of flowers now that they are getting some TLC.  Azaleas and cacti.

Almost as soon as we moved in I put in some more fun flowers - morning glories, a couple of varieties of sunflowers, moon flowers, and a wildflower mix I barely raked into the hard soil of a big bare place under a big tree.  Watering caused a lot of volunteers to spring up - dandelions, to my delight.  Among others I am less delighted about.

There is a variety of what I've learned are called Damned Yellow Complex wildflowers.  (Kinda like Little Brown Job birds) It gets about four feet high if you leave it alone, and makes pretty yellow flowers, and then huge seed heads, which have been visited by Lesser Goldfinchs!  I hear butterflies like them, too, so I am inclined to let them do as they will.  I did have to chop one down that was by the water hookup though.

 I discovered a couple of days ago that what I thought was clover was actually buffalo burrs!  So they got yanked up toot suite.

But today's big effort was dragging out the kiddie pool.  Which magically made the kiddie next door spring outside again to point and inform me it was a pool.  No, I told him, it's a garden.  And then I proceeded to poke holes in the bottom and fill it with mulch, top soil, cow manure, raised bed garden soil, and more mulch.  Grandpa took the boy away to lunch - I hope the kid can cope.

So far, I also have patio tomatoes, Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes (my favorites!), jalapeno peppers, and New Mexico Big Jim peppers (how could I resist?  Especially since James requested a poblano type pepper for cooking), and a few Spaghetti Squash.  A little clutch of African giant marigolds are watching over the veggies.  They are from Walmart - but they all look pretty healthy.

Still to come - we have a place down the road that said they were going to get in our Thai peppers.  Got to get down and check them out next week.  And I'll take either healthy little seedlings or seeds for some zucchini and summer squash, dill and cilantro.  Maybe cucumbers if I feel there is enough room and time for them to grow. And I'd like a few more marigolds.

I've set the hubby to keep track of whether or not he thinks the $75 or so spent on the garden comes back OUT of the garden in food. (Of course, next year we will put considerably less in and hopefully get more out)

So that's my day.  Really, I did this for record keeping.  We'll see how they go this year, I'll post now and then, and have a reference for next year.  New place.  New garden.  New seasons and such I suppose.

Speaking of which, its the 3rd quarter in Scorpio if you're keeping track.


Summer Foovay 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

I have a dream

 Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, their caretakers, family, friends and medical professionalsFrom the moment I decided to write my little book on Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, their caretakers, friends, family and medical professionals I've had one desire for it.  That it be available as widely as possible, as cheaply as possible so that people who want and need this information and advice can easily find it and buy it.

I spent days writing, rewriting, researching, fact checking, editing and formatting.  And while this means I spent them right here at home at my own computer with my own dear husband (and dialysis patient) almost within reach - my time and work has value.  There was always a hope in the back of my mind that this book would be a great little seller and increase my income at least a little bit.

But in order to make anything on it self publishing at Amazon, I've had to set the price much higher than I would like.  After all, I am well aware of how much income most of us dialysis patients, caretakers, and families are trying to scrape by on.  And as much market penetration as Amazon has - who doesn't shop at Amazon? - I'd really like to see this little book as something that sits on the table in the nephrologists waiting room, and in a stack in the dialysis clinic.  I'd like every RN on every floor in the hospital to have a copy handy, along with the X-ray techs and MRI techs and CAT scan techs.  Maybe I could save someone a "OMG it's a tumor" scare when it's only fluid from peritoneal dialysis. I'd like for peritoneal dialysis patients to have a couple copies they can pass on to their family and friends.

In other words, I'd like Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, their caretakers, friends, family and medical professional to be free, or damn near free and widely available.  That's my dream for it.

What I'd like - what I think would accomplish this - is some company that does the publishing of medical pamphlets and posters and those free things you find at the doctors office - like the little one page pamphlet the nephrologist handed us when we had to chose a dialysis modality - I want the company who makes and distributes those to come along and make me an offer.  Buy the manuscript altogether with rights.  Or pass me a little royalty - at the very least their costs will be a lot lower to print in massive quantities and it's not like I'm James Patterson or J.K. Rowling or anything.  (A little Robin Cook maybe? Just kidding)

Today I spent some time trying to find out who those companies are and no doubt as time goes on and life brings the hubby and I to one doctors office after another I can pick up those freebies and research the publishers.  I emailed a few possibilities today.

It's only a little dream.  A little hope that maybe this information gets out to somebody who needs it when they need it and it helps.  And I am not adverse to a bit of cash in my pocket either.  Probably less than I was paid to clean houses or shovel dog shit but every penny helps!

If you should happen to have any connections or ideas that would help my dream come true, feel free to share!  Thank you in advance!


Summer Foovay

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hungry Shark Evolution April Fool's Day contest

There's only a few hours left to the Hungry Shark Evolution April Fools Contest, so I'm not sure how much this will help anyone - but I'm gonna put it out there for you anyway.

I'm in the top 1% with 102 clown fish eaten.

Find the clown fish in nooks, crannies, and caves.

My high score was with the Mosasaurus, Level 7 equiped with the Clown Baby and the Oceana Baby, the Oceana emblem, shark vortex, laser and skateboard. The skateboard is probably not really necessary as there aren't any clown fish on the land but it makes it easier to zip back and forth.

My two next highest scores were with Big Daddy, equipped with the baby Big Daddy, the Clown Baby, laser, shark vortex, Oceana emblem, skateboard and jet pack - I got to 87 with him.

I think I could have scored even higher if I had the Mosasaurus baby to help eat.  Oh, and I bought the shark signal to have an extra baby slot on Mosasaurus.

Good luck!!

Summer Foovay

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Peritoneal Dialysis for patients and caretakers is now available in print!

I am proud to announce that today Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, caretakers, friends, family and medical professionals  is now officially available in print!

If you prefer to read on the Kindle, Peritoneal Dialysis for patients, caretakers, friends, family and medical professionals is still available in digital form as well. I gave the digital copy a pretty new cover because I also tweaked the title a little bit.

I am not very happy with the price I had to put on the print version in order to make anything at all in royalties on it.  I wish I could simply put a stack of these in every nephrologists' and dialysis clinic waiting room, free for the taking.  But my work does have value, and I have a kidney patient of my own who has medical needs that cost money and keep me from working an outside job.  In an ideal world, some medical publishing company would be on the phone to me right now offering to either purchase the rights to the little book or pay me royalties and sell it for next to nothing to doctors and clinics because they can print in bulk.

Maybe someday I will win the lottery and be able to print a few million and hand them out like I would like!

Meanwhile, I'm doing the best I can with what I've got!

For some reason Amazon has not linked the print and digital versions, but I've emailed them about it and hopefully they'll get that corrected soon.  I also just noticed that it does not seem to be available for Canada, Australia, or India for some reason.

Its funny how, even though it is self published and print on demand, I got that little thrill when I got the email last night that the print version was available and then saw the page on Amazon.  Isn't that kind of silly?

So yay for me, this is one of those little works in progress that has been on my list for some time and now it is done.  All over with but the shouting, bragging, and whatever else I can think of to publicize it.

Now to pick the next project to finish.  Maybe I'll conquer the last few levels on Horse Planet!


Summer Foovay

Links to Peritoneal Dialysis book print version:

Peritoneal Dialysis: for patients, caretakers, friends, family, and medical professionals - U.S.A.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

OOoo - shiney!

I have a refrigerator magnet that says "I was ready to take on the world today until I saw something sparkly".  That's me through and through.  Of course, it's because I'm a multipotentiate.

So I had a plethora of interesting jobs, and then the hubby got a great job and retired me (or tried to) twenty years ago.

Bored Now.

Then I started looking for a way to make money on the Internet.  Oh, my, I laugh until my sides hurt.

I sold some of my handmade jewelry and artwork on eBay.  A few collectibles.  What a PITA.

I taught myself webdesign and designed websites that sold porn, and shared my own art as clipart as well as my stories and articles.  Okay, that was fun, but didn't make much.  And Bush got in office and hubby started having nightmares about the men in black with big fucking guns coming to take me away for slinging porn.  So I got out of that altogether.

Well, mostly.  I got a job-ish writing porn stories on commission.  That was fun for a little while but I got to feeling like a hack and writing was losing all it's fun for me.  But I had rights to some of my stories yet, so those are out on Kindle now.  Of all this journey, they still make the most money.

At one point I had 12 blogs on various subjects, several that came up #1 in Google searches and I got a dab of money now and then for ads or endorsements.

Then we went on the road for a bit and my webhost thought that would be a good time to sell themselves to someone who did something to the servers and literally broke every single website and blog I owned overnight.  BAM. So much for that little residual income.

I wandered around New Mexico and worked a few outside the house jobs and then  hubby got too sick for me to be gone all day.

At this point I think I can say I've given publishing on Kindle a good stab.  Mostly I've discovered that porn sells even if you don't make any effort at all!  Carefully crafted novels - TANK.  Well, unless you have the money for advertising, a publicity firm, or a big fanfic following. I'm too much of a bitchy introvert for all that.  Not to mention, a man.  Not that I'm gonna quit or anything.  As mentioned in yesterday's post, I'd write if I had to do it using my own blood on tree bark so... may as well polish it up now and then and either stick it on Wattpad or a blog or Kindle.  Still making up my mind on that.

Still learning Japanese.  Oy Vey! Really hard.  Still doing a little origami which is fun but leaves me with a bunch of little paper sculptures I can't give away. Still draw and color a little bit, but the technology to do digital art is gone, and replacement is out of my price range for something that is, face it, a hobby.  I've learned my lesson about putting art on the Internet - great way to work really hard on something so you can give it away and have others claim it as their own and sell it. I did a little commission work.  It was fun.  Can't get commissions.

I earn the most at the Mechanical Turk - sometimes I make $5 in a day!  No, really, I get excited about it. Face it, I get pretty excited about the $5 a month I get from my Kindle books.

And now there's this tickle at the back of my brain.  Games.  Video games for PC, game consoles, Android, Phones...  I mean I never thought of myself as a gamer.  At least, I was deep into D&D and AD&D when it was tabletop, but I was completely disappointed in the early computer versions.  But now I, who always thought I was the anti-gamer, spend a few hours a day happily playing silly games of one form or another on the PC or mostly my Kindle Fire.

Hmmm...I wonder how hard it is to make one of these...and how much you make off them?

So, I've been looking it up today.  Basically, I'd say it's like anything else.  What you put in, is what you get out.  But wouldn't it be FUN to make games? And...maybe I'll make a penny or two.  I am kicking myself - we nearly bought a game a few years ago that I used to play and love that got basically abandoned by the developers (which happens to a LOT of games) but at the time I didn't have the confidence that I would be able to learn to code it.  I should have done it.  Hell, I taught myself to code webpages, didn't I? Well, hindsight and all that and really, who knows if it would actually have been a good idea.

Game Dev... my next title?  What the hell else am I doing with my time?


Summer Foovay